Lake of Ill Omen

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    The Lake of Ill Omen is found in central Kunark.

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    Lake of Ill Omen
    Lake of Ill Omen

    Lake of Ill Omen lies directly in the center of the continent of Kunark and is a large outdoor region inhabited by many goblins, sarnak, and Iksar alike. It's close proximity to Firiona Vie and Cabilis make it a popular hunting ground for young adventurers from Faydwer and Iksar too. In the southwest part of the area, the sarnak have built a sizeable fort as they attempt to expand their empire outside of the Burning Woods. A small passage through the granite walls to the west leads to the Frontier Mountains, which is likely the next area to offer a challenge to most adventurers around the lake. Northwest of the lake are caves where countless goblins pour out from Warsliks Wood and roam the fields around the lake terrorizing all they come across. A river leads east from the river directly to Firiona Vie, making it easy for those who are good-natured to make it to safety. To the northeast is the Iksar city of Cabilis. Those without scaly skin would be wise not to venture in that direction. And to the southeast of the lake is a massive windmill where Professor Akabao studies the history of Kunark, the Kylong tribe of Iksar in particular. Circling the lake, adventurers will find it impossible not to notice the dozens of Iksar statues and other ancient structures that still stand to this day. They appear to be welcoming visitors to something grand, not just a lake infested with bloodgill goblins. Great pillars can be seen poking their way above the waterline of the salt lake. These are the remants of the once great Iksar resort city called Veksar. Centuries before the Age of Turmoil, an earthquake shook the region, and Veksar sunk to the floor of the lake. Those with the ability to breathe underwater can see even more of the city's former majesty and return with tales of what appears to be the city's entrance still accessible. The Iksar claim the city has fallen too close to the Underfoot, something the erudites know all too much about.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Bloodgills
    • Brood of Di`Zok
    • Crusaders of Greenmist
    • Emerald Warriors
    • The Forsaken
    • Goblins of Cleaving Tooth
    • Goblins of Mountain Death
    • Inhabitants of Firiona Vie
    • Legion of Cabilis
    • Pirates of Gunthak
    • Sarnak Collective
    • Scaled Mystics
    • Storm Guard
    • Swift Tails

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Cabilis OutpostFood, Water, General Supplies, Weapons, Leather Armor
    The WindmillPoison


    Notable NPCs

    • Advisor Sh'Orok
    • Bloodgill Marauder
    • Chancellor of Di`zok
    • Corrupted Barracuda
    • Crix Tzo`mok
    • Deep
    • Goblin Soothsayer
    • Impervious Bloodbeast
    • Keras McArik
    • Lingering Axefall
    • Lord Gorelik
    • Professor Akabao
    • Sarnak Courier
    • Sarnak Dragoon
    • Sarnak Gem Oracle
    • Syrik Iceblood
    • Vorash
    • Weaponsmith Ko`Zirr
    • Xenevorash

    Notable Items

    • Blade of Passage
    • Bracer of the Hidden
    • Explorer's Locket
    • Goblin Gazughi Ring
    • Goblin Skull Crusher
    • Goblin Spirit Catcher
    • Harpoon of the Depths
    • Iron Bound Tome
    • Jade Chokidai Prod
    • Koada'Dal Blood Doll
    • Petrified Bloodgill Eye
    • Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger
    • Sarnak Dragoon Helm
    • Sarnak Earring of Station
    • Sarnak Eitchatka
    • Sarnak Emblazened Tabard
    • Sarnak Pitchatka
    • Scaled Wolf Hide Belt
    • Scaled Wolf Hide Cloak

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