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    Lance Banson...

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    Another character in the upcoming Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, only... Oh my, he's quite a handsome lad, um... I mean he's a bit of a faerie.

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    Voted Sky Pirate Magazine's Handsomest Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year, this wond'rous specimen of manlitude is a sky captain.  Choosing love over fighting, passiveness over violent aggression, Lance will easily out sing someone before he'll take up fisticuffs.  Banson makes his first appearance in Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, a unique DS game by EA Tiburion blending puzzle and platforming elements using the systems dual screens.

    Battle Tactics

    Lance attacks with chest hearts which fire at Henry Hatsworth, And also with bowing for roses which damage him.
    The antique thing about Banson's battle is that he 'infects' the Puzzle Blocks with notes, if you clear the notes, A Stampede of ladies will damage him. If they reach the top, Other ladies will come and heal him with kisses. Even though he has a Rapier, he hardly uses it.

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