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    Lance Vance

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    Lance Vance is a character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He befriends the main protagonist Tommy Vercetti.

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    Lance Vance is Tommy Vercetti's sidekick of sorts, and brother of Victor Vance, the cocaine dealer in the opening cinematic of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In this scene, Lance can be seen in the pilot's seat of the helicopter that takes off in the background when Victor is killed. Lance also appears at a younger age in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

    Vice City: Lance Vance Missions

    • Rub Out
    • Smakedown
    • Bar Brawl
    • Cop Land

    Vice City: Lance Vance Other Mission Appearances
    Lance Vance
    Lance Vance

    • The Introduction
    • Back Alley Brawl
    • Guardian Angels
    • Phnom Penh 86
    • Supply & Demand
    • Death Row
    • Hit The Courier
    • Keep Your Friends Close...

    Vice City Stories: Lance Vance Missions

    • The Audition
    • Snitch Hitch
    • Blitzkrieg
    • Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out
    • From Zero to Hero
    • Brawn of the Dead
    • Taking the Fall
    • Blitzkrieg Strikes Again
    • Lost and Found
    • White Lies
    • Where it Hurts Most

    Vice City Stories: Lance Vance Other Mission Appearances

    • Jive Drive
    • Money for Nothing
    • Caught as an Act
    • Leap and Bound
    • The Bum Deal
    • The Mugshot Longshot
    • Burning Bridges
    • Domo Arigato Domestoboto
    • Light my Pyre
    • Last Stand

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