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    Lando Calrissian

    Character » appears in 29 games

    First seen in the movie Empire Strikes Back, smuggler turned businessman Lando becomes a key player in the events of the Star Wars galaxy.

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     Lando’s early years are ones of conjecture and mystery. Little is known about him, he was born a Saccorn, and this left him with a slight Corellian accent. While a teenage, he learned the card game Sabacc, discovering he had a talent for it. He even won a spaceship in one high stakes game. That ship was the Millennium Falcon.  
    Although he had won a ship, Lando didn't know how to fly it. Stuck on the lawless moon Nar Shadda, Lando sought a teacher. He found one in Han Solo, a local smuggler and well known pilot. Lando procured Han's services by saving him from a bounty hunter. Boba Fett had captured Han when Lando got the drop on him and rescued Han.  Feeling indebted to Lando, he volunteered to teach him how to pilot his new ship.  Han taught him everything he could, even commented on some of the things he would have added to the Falcon to make it a better ship.  Finally comfortable with the Falcon and his own ablity, Lando left Nar Shadda in pursuit of his own fortunes. His first journey was too the Centrality.
    His adventures in the Centrality were varied. He sought a mythical instrument, the Mindharp of Sharu, he met the Tonnika Sisters, he became friends with a sentient droid named Vuffi Raa. His deeds in the Centrality eventually became a bit too famous and he left the zone, returning the equally dangerous Nar Shadda. 
    Back on Nar Shadda, things didn't go so well for Lando. A mine he invested in turned out to be a scam, all he had left were some credits and a used spaceship lot. In an attempt to recoup some of his losses, he entered into a sabbac tournament in Cloud City. There he made the costly mistake of placing a token for any ship on his lot into the betting pot.  The winner of the pot was Lando's old friend, Han Solo.  When Solo came to collect his prize, Lando tried to sell him on many of the newer and nicer ships, but Han was set, he wanted the Falcon, so in the first of several exchanges, Lando gave Han the Millennium Falcon.


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