How do you access your DLC?

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I don't understand, I have looked everywhere and I don't see how I can play as the extra characters or even the new challenge maps. I read somewhere go to the Downloadable content section but all that does is allow me to buy or download not actually play it. Anyone at there have a clue? I don't understand why this is so hard to find out lol.

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@EightBitShik: I am finally able to play the DLC, I'm not 100% sure this is what fixed it but I'd say 99.9%. I tried redownloading the DLC about 5 times hoping something would work but got I said fuck it and redownloaded the main game. It may of been as simple as the game was registering my Lara croft game on my old console and the dlc on the new so they weren't talking right. By redownloading everything on my new console it works. Thank god, I was going nuts over this.

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