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Guardian of Light Again (pc-version)

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If you have played Guardian of Light, you have played this. You have to look pretty hard to find anything different here. This might not be worst thing, since Guardian of Light was interesting direction for ms. Croft to take.

Game is still familiar hybrid of twin stick shooter and 3d platformer. Shooting-part works better than the platforming. This is mainly due to fact that latter is tied strongly to the puzzle solving. These puzzles are really easy and most of them are really familiar from the previous game. Other thing hindering platforming is the fact bit too often it is too easy to misjudge jump because of the weird camera angles and floaty jump controls.

Story is weak and left to the side in hopes that player is invested in the multiplayer and collecting loot. However, the loot aspect is completely destroyed by the fact that everything interesting is DLC.

Despite the shortcomings, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is short but entertaining game. It is more of the same, but series has a good core and good amount of potential.

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