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Tomb Raider: Anniversary (360 Version) 2

So far, as difficult games go, I think it would be fair to say that Tomb Raider: Anniversary ranks up towards the top of my list in terms of hair-pulling, controller-throwing, spastic yelling that only some games can really offer. And as usual my tendency to enjoy masochistic-style video games continues. This is one of those games where you don’t use a guide because you want to complete it knowing that you did it. Having never played the first Tomb Raider in its entirety I decided maybe it was t...

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Awesome remake of the orignal, highly recommend 0

[This review was done while playing the Windows version on Linux in Wine]Some days ago I picked up Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the PC (yes, thats the old one, not the new Underworld). Its a standard Windows game, of course, but it actually works near perfectly under Linux in. No hacks or cracks requires, it works out of the box. The only issue I could find is that one has to disable reflections in the display setting of the game, since they cause some graphical glitches. Those aside the game ru...

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A perfectly adequate remake to a classic game 0

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is yet another attempt by Eidos to relive the glory years of Lara Croft — you know, when she was the highschool prom queen, instead of the now broken-down old whore she’s been reduced to. The game itself is actually a remake of the original PS1 classic, then released in 1996, but with added gameplay features, enhanced graphics and some rejigged levels. It’s a game that doesn’t reinvent the wheel for the platforming genre — but nor does it pretend to. It’s an entertaining...

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Modern recreation of the greatest Tomb Raider game 0

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a modern recreation of the original Tomb Raider game.  "Recreation" is a great word to describe the game.  For the most part, the story is exactly the same, except for a few minor alterations.  The levels follow the same order as the original game, but not quite the same designs.  However, they will still be very familiar to fans of the original game.I really consider Tomb Raider: Anniversary to be the greatest Tomb Raider game ever made.  Though its graphics don't ma...

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Laura is Back With A New Coat of Paint 0

        In 1996 gamers were introduced to Laura Croft and the Tomb Raider series. Eleven years and one developer later Tomb Raider Anniversary was released as a celebration of the series. The game isn't just a remake, it's a re-envisioned game. The characters, story, and locales are the same but the graphics, controls, and gameplay make it feel like a whole new game.       The story of the game remains the same. However, now you will be able to understand the story since it isn't told in such an...

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary 0

I might have appreciated it more if I had played the original, but Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a solid remake that updates the game to a more modern style with grace. It plays very similarly to Tomb Raider: Legend, the first game in the series by Crystal Dynamics after they took it over, with the same combat and platforming mechanics with a few updates, but the focus is much different. Legend felt a lot like an action movie, with car chases, large gun fights, with lots of characters and cinemati...

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Hello again, old friend 0

I played the original Tomb Raider around the time Tomb Raider III came out. After buying Tomb Raider: Legend to see how Lara Croft is getting along these days and then winning Tomb Raider: Anniversary on steamgifts, I decided to start with the one that’s likely to be somewhat familiar. It’s been long enough for me that the first three Tomb Raiders all blend together in my mind, so what I remembered as the beginning of the original may have been the beginning of Tomb Raider II, but certainly wasn...

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crap 0

What in hell is this game about? A pile of crapness was used to make this crap and repetitive game. Tomb raider in 1996 was a new type of game which was different from rest until now in the year 2007. The game has not changed by gameplay. Really this game is just like legends with new scenery and a new menu what lazy people won't change a game and these people are eidos. The wii version is ok not great but ok with its new style of movement via the wii remote. From the remote you would hear gun s...

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