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Change is good. Here's why... 0

When the PS2 launched way, way back at the turn of the century, there were certain titles that we all expected to grace the console’s launch ceremony. Gran Turismo 3, Wipeout Fusion and Metal Gear Solid 2 all made it onto the market within a year of Sony’s sophomore console’s launch. Yet, strangely, one of the PlayStation’s biggest names seemed to have been overlooked; one Miss Croft missed out on the celebrations. We had to wait almost three years for the lovely Lara to make her PS2 debut in th...

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A Lesson in How to Successfully Revamp a Franchise 0

Over the last decade, Lara Croft has become the most successful video game heroine in history.  But at the same time, Tomb Raider has become a huge joke in the industry.  The first two installments of Tomb Raider (1996-1997) were great games, but starting with the Tomb Raider III, the series got progressively worse through Last Revelation, Chronicles, and eventually the disgustingly horrid Angel of Darkness.  The main problem was that Tomb Raider's developer, Core Design, never evolved the ...

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Not too complex, but everything it does, it does very well. 0

Tomb Raider Legend was my first venture into the world of Lara Croft, and I think it was a good choice. I kind of knew what to expect in terms of game-play, but had no worries of being upset with seeing old tricks reused. I wasn't expecting much going into the game, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how fun it really is. TR:L seems to be a game that focuses on keeping things simple, but fun. Nothing about the game is overly complex, which makes for a good way to simply kick back...

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Tasty With A Sense oF Humour 0

while back some years ago now actually,, i decided to give this game a shot,,game is to short basecally and extremly easy ,,;p Tr: legend is an unique gem;),,its an easy game and doesnt last too long for a tombraider game 2 be,,and the graphics are not the best seen in a tr game,,heck even angel of darkness and underworld look better tha nthis,, i mean tr legend looks beautiful and i like the graphics,,but compared t othe other tr games it falls a little short;p I Did not regret playing this gam...

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Less guns. More Puzzles. A nice 2nd chance! 0

Ahh Lara back again I see.  I used to dread the release of another new Tomb Raider.  I knew how it would go, the game would be thrown together in a month or two the graphics would be chunky and pixely and Lara’s boobs would be HUGE.  And that was the extent of the game.  The guns started to play too big of a role and the puzzles were more of an inconvenience and a hindrance to the game play.  Soon it was like watching Breaking Bonaduce.  Danny Bonaduce, such a HUGE kid star who had it all in th...

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A refreshing suprise. 0

When Tomb Raider was originally a big hit in the late nineties I was never a huge fan, although I was aware of its existence. My first contact with Tomb Raider was the version that came shipped with my very first PC, and as a mainly console gamer I’d have to admit to writing it off pretty quickly due to awkward controls and just generally spending more time playing Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot on my Playstation 1. Through the years my contact with Tomb raider was pretty sparse, I play...

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Tomb Raider Legend 0

GraphicsThe graphics in the game are truly amazing and in places nothing short of breath-taking. This comes as no surprise seeing as the game has been developed by the same people responsible for the Legacy of Kain series which has always maintained a high level of visual quality. Everything about the game meets a very high graphical standard from the character models to the environments. Lara herself looks incredible and thanks to some great animations , looks very natural while she moves...

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You know... for kids! 0

Obviously, Tomb Raider: Legend on the Game Boy Advance was never going to be the same game as the other versions. What you get instead is basically a side-on view platformer that kind of represents the game as seen in its 'bigger brothers'. Lara can still leap and duck and swing from one conveniently placed sticky out thing to another. And she still has her trusty guns to settle any arguments that might come up during her travels. You leap, swing and shoot your way across a variety of locales, s...

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Tomb Raider: Legend 0

I played a few demos in the past, but I never really sat down and played a Tomb Raider game before because I didn't have a PS1 and the first one on PS2 was terrible. But I got a demo disc a while ago with this on it, and found I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It had some nice Prince of Persia-style platforming and puzzle solving (minus the ability to rewind and slow down time), with some decent shooting, and seemed pretty cool. I didn't end up getting the whole game until recently, but it was ...

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Legend is the same, just with less thinking and more shooting. 0

After trying Tomb Raider Anniversary and enjoying it I decided to get into Legend. In terms of controls it's much the same, although various strangely situated buttons may need to be reassigned it won't be long before things are familiar. Now Legend does look nicer than Anniversary thanks to the next gen content, this is basically better textures, bump maps and unified lighting/shadow system. It's not the best running game and still has fairly low polygon environments but it looks ok. The role o...

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Great game, great replayability, just a little on the sort side 0

[This review was written while playing the PC version on Linux in Wine]Just as Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Legend works near perfect in Linux in Wine. One additional issue issue is that the "next generation graphics" option doesn't work and causes plenty of graphical glitches which makes it unusable, so one has to play with the low graphic settings, which by the way is the same graphic quality that Anniversary had, which didn't have a "next gen" option. The water reflexions have to be disabled too...

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Tomb Raider Legend Review 0

Poor Lara Croft has had some pretty dismal games as of late. We had our hopes up for Angel of Darkness only to be crushed after countless delays. This time around Lara is starting off fresh with a new developer, Crystal Dynamics, and they have been able to breathe new life into the dying franchise.First off, Legend looks great. Lara looks fantastic, and her numerous animations are smooth. Her skin glistens when wet, and you can even see creases and folds on her clothing. The outdoor environments...

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