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Tasty With A Sense oF Humour

while back some years ago now actually,, i decided to give this game a shot,,game is to short basecally and extremly easy ,,;p

Tr: legend is an unique gem;),,its an easy game and doesnt last too long for a tombraider game 2 be,,and the graphics are not the best seen in a tr game,,heck even angel of darkness and underworld look better tha nthis,, i mean tr legend looks beautiful and i like the graphics,,but compared t othe other tr games it falls a little short;p

I Did not regret playing this game at all,,i loved every bit of it;) Story was the best part=) as always;) ,,though the Xbox360 version is better overall,,doesnt means that the ps2 version is crap,,but it suffers from some glitches,,sometimes weak camera or akward,,some poor textures .After seeing images and such long before the game came out i just had to try it;),, the first thing i noticed was how the graphics was changed,,the graphics now looks more realistic and more polished,,all in all much better looking graphics,,the use of this graphics engine came out though in the end as a mix result,,the graphics are rendered pretty good,,but can have some poor textures and some other gltiches,,but for the most part actually works;),,graphics breathes more,,to sum it up by breathes more i mean,,the enviroments around u can actually hit u or collaps ,,though if a stone hit u can unfortunately get stuck in the stone ,,unable to move,,theese are the downsides of this new grapichs engine,,but overall pretty good,,good enough for me;) ,,still revolutionary graphics but i dont work quite so perfectly as one maybe hoped for ;p,,but anyway;

tomb raider games is maybe known for its serious tone,,but i have noticed in other tr games,,that it have had,,some humour in it too,,Legend had more if it,,it was good;),,

cutscenes are pretty good and interesting,, controls are just right;)

All Levels and arenas are pretty nice,,beauitful looking rendered,,interesting and unique,,specially the winter stage ,,you can use all sorts of vehicles in this tr game;),,most fun and interesting driving sequenses,,but not the best part of the game and somewhat poorly executed,,but good times;)

Music is as always good and intense,,standard here;) options menues and screens are good,,the selection and customization in options is good,,

weapon selection is good,,now also new weapons and gadgets,,you can now use an grappling hook,,how smart;)

Puzzles are here good as always ;) but kinda easy,,cuz the puzzles are pretty easy;) lots of itneresting characters,,foes enemies and so on;) ,,

this is the easiest tr game yet,,but it doesnt drag it down too much cuz its a pleasure to play this game fro m start to finish,,from the very start you really want to play this game,game is so good that it from the start drags you to do it;),,the interesting good story imidialty wants you to play this game ,,

too sum it up ; what drags it down,,some poor textures,,some glitches,,some poor driving sequenses,,somtimes weak camera,,easiest tr game yet,,Xbox360 is easily the best version,,puzzles may be good but they are pretty easy,,

what makes this game good ,,everything else;),,

u could have said finally a tr game which doesnt take forever t obeat,,and not that hard,,finally,,tr legend can though be chalanging,,but compared to the other tr games,,its an easy cake,,say smile

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