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  • Organ Plagas: The weakest of the plagas, Organ Plagas are the first that the player encounters. They are seen mainly in villagers and Osmund Saddler's private militia. The Organ Plagas create a long tentacle out of the host's head with a blade on the end. This plaga uses its length to slash at the player from a large distance away.
    The Garrador
    The Garrador
  • Tentacle Plagas: The Tentacle Plagas are seen in wolves and in Saddler's militia. When the host receives a large amount of damage, the plaga will burst from the host's spine as a swarm and violently whip the player.
  • Centipede Plagas: The Centipede Plagas are the second type of plaga that the player will encounter. This plaga is most commonly seen inside low ranking zealots. The Centipede Plaga is only effective in close quarters and can instantly kill the player by biting off Leon's head if he gets too close.
  • Crab Plagas: Crab Plagas are only seen latched onto the backs of Garradors. This plaga has no form of self-defense, cannot attack, and is always exposed, which makes it the Garrador's only weak point.
  • Spider Plagas: High ranking zealots are the primary host for the Spider Plagas. The Spider Plagas are very durable and dangerous. While attached to their host, they can attack the player or spit acid from a long distance. Once their host dies, the Spider Plaga will detach itself and continue to attack the player by leaping at them.
    The Iron Maiden
    The Iron Maiden
  • Leech Plagas: The Leech Plagas are only seen on Regenerators and Iron Maidens and can only be seen when using the a rifle's infrared scope. The Leech Plagas rebuild organic matter at an extremely fast rate and must all be destroyed in order to kill a Regenerator or Iron Maiden. The Leech Plaga has no defensive or offensive capabilities.
  • El Gigante Plagas: This form of plaga will only expose itself if its host as taken a considerable amount of damage. This plaga cannot attack the player and serves as an El Gigante's only weak point.
  • Queen Plagas: The Queen Plagas are a more powerful form of plaga that grants its host control over average plaga-infected. This form of plaga also has more powerful forms of mutation that the lower form of plagas. There are only three people that are infected with Queen Plagas in Resident Evil 4: Jack Krauser, Bitores Mendez, and Ramon Salazar.
  • Master Plagas: There are only two samples of the Master Plagas, and Saddler is infected with one of them. The Master Plaga gives its host control over all other forms of plagas even if the egg has not hatched. The second Master Plaga was intended to be injected into Ashley Graham as part of Saddler's plan to infiltrate and destroy the United States government. The Master Plaga has no form of its own, but grants its host a powerful mutation due to the power it controls.

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