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The Lasgun is the standard-issue weapon for all Imperial Guard regiments. Though not as powerful as projectile weapons, the lower cost of production, and no need for ammunition production and resupply make the Lasgun the best choice for the Imperial Guard.

The Lasgun uses a small portable power pack to produce a focused pinpoint laser plasma beam which is hot enough to burn most materials and cauterize human flesh..

It has been stated in background information that Lasgun wounds are easily survived if there are no vital organs that are hit because there is zero blood loss and the wound is instantly cauterized.

When fired in mass the resultant firepower is destructive enough to give even heavily armored foes cause for concern, including Chaos Space Marines. However, on there own lasguns have the damage equivalency of a .223 or .303 caliber slug firing weapon.

Lasguns have been colloquially referred to by players as "flashlights" because of their extreme weakness in small numbers, especially in comparison to the heavily armed and extremely hazardous potential of other races weaponry.

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