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    Last Chaos

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 20, 2006

    A free to play MMORPG where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. Last Chaos features a private quest mode named "Personal Dungeon" where players can go solo in an "arcade" style gaming

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    Last Chaos is made by the Korean company T-Entertainment, and maintained by Aeria Games & Entertainment, an American company located in California. Last Chaos was their first MMO they released, and has rapidly increased by offering a total of 11 games, including open and closed beta versions for their new games.
    It is a MMORPG, and was launched 20th November, 2006. Now there are four servers up and running, Katar, Caraie, Sarissa and Hatzring.


    This game has the same system as all other MMO's. After killing monsters you will get experience points. This is needed to get to higher levels, and like in many other games your experience is showed to you in "%" in your top lefthand corner of the screen.
    HP, mana and experience is shown in the top left corner.
    HP, mana and experience is shown in the top left corner.
    You will also get skill experience by defeating enemies, and after gaining 10 000 skill exp. he have gotten 1 skill point. This is needed to learn new skills.

    There are five kinds of "difficulty" on the monsters, marked by the colour of their names.  They are ranked from easiest to hardest by blue, green, white, orange and red. A player will get more experience by killing an enemy that is red, since it is a higher level than the player is. But the down side is that he will gain very little skill experience by this. Thus, if a player want to get SP(skill points) he/she must kill enemies that are white or green. That means that the enemies you then kill will be close, if not lower than your current level.

    The amount of SP a class needs to level up their skills vary, but the two classes that needs the most is mage and sorcerer, cause of their huge amount of skills.


    Your pet is a versatile creature, which you will breed from its birth (you get pets from panflutes and drake eggs) and while equipped he will get experience not by the monsters you kill, but  the amount of hits you strike. A pet will get one experience point when you have stricken three blows to your enemy.
    After the pet have leveled you can give him different passive skills, such as increasing your defense, increase your mana or hp and more. This way it is a huge strategical bonus if a player uses his pet so it gets a number of high level buffs.
    When a pet reaches lvl 16 it evolves from being a pony or a hatching, to become a horse or a drake. There are no changes to the pet it self, with the exeption of its appereance.

    When a pet reaches lvl 31 the player have the chance to mount his/hers pet. This will make it forget all of its previous skills, but it will learn a number of new ones. The nightmare as it is called will be able to use a spell that gives the caster and party members within a certain distance a powerful buff which increases its offensive powers or its defensive powers. The dragon has several powerful attack, like the fire breath. This enables the dragon to blow a powerful and dangerous breath of fire that deals damage to several enemies surrounding. When your pet is mounted you will not have the possibility to gain anymore levels, and you will not be able to unmount it unless you buy a card from the item mall, which in turn costs real money.

    The pet does have other qualities than just working as a buff-bot, you can use it to pick up items that monsters and other characters have dropped, and it has some nice skills that are just for show.


    Last Chaos encourages the players to upgrade their weapons and armor, and this is possible using a multitude of different items. When your whole set of armor is upgraded to a 4 it will get a faerie that floats above you. This faerie does not have an effect on your defense, but the on your armor adds an armor bonus. The larger the the better the bonus. A piece of armor, or a weapon can never exceed 15, and when you fail to achieve an upgrade your equipment will in most cases be destroyed(read about runes of protection), and this makes a market for pieces that will increase your possibility for a successful upgrade. Up to 3 your item will never destroy, so there is
    Things like heaven stones, smelting stones and more. The effect of these  stones vary, and not all of them is possible to get from drops. Some of them, like the lucky smelting stone and the extreme stone are examples of items that must be bought from the item mall (or from players who bought is through the item mall). There are also items that will protect your weapon or armor from breaking, since some of the stones have a smaller chance for a successful upgrade. These are called Runes of Protection, and comes in two forms. One secures your equipment from 3 to 10, and the other is from 10 to 15. One rune is used in every attempt of upgrading.


    Smelting stone: A stone with a 30% possibility of a successful upgrade. If you use this stone you will have a possibility to ruin your equipment. You get it from transmuting a piece of equipment at the transmuter, and he turns it into a smelting stone. The equipment will be destroyed, and you will maybe get a smelt. Cause there is a chance that you will get nothing, and that the process will fail. A smelting stone will have the level from your item, and can therefore not be used on an item above the level of the smelt. If you upgrade an item with a smelt that is a much higher level than the level of the item, the chance of success is increased.

    Heaven stone: A stone with a 50% possibility of a successful upgrade. This stone has 4 outcomes. Your item will be upgraded 1. Your item will be destroyed. Your item will degrade -1. Your item will not change its stats. This all translates to 50% success, 16.6% downgrade, 16.6% ruin, and 16.6% no change. Heavens stones will drop from monsters, you can get them from events and you can buy them from the item mall for 299AP.

    Extreme stones: 100% success rate. Can only be used once per item, and only from 1 to 14. NOT to 15. This stone can be bought from the item mall for 795 AP. You can not see if an extreme stone is used on equipment bought from other players.

    Lucky smelting stone: 100% success rate from 1 to 6. Does not work any higher than that. Can be bought from item mall for 199 AP.

    Character Classes


    The Titans are the descendants from a race of humans that served the forces of Eres. They are larger in size due to selective breeding and their roles as shock troops after generations of war. After generations of hardships and service, the Titans struck out on their own towards the end of the war, weakened and depleted in numbers after the collapse of Eresian army and war effort. Their religious training that advocates purity of body sees the Titans trusting in little or no armor at all, but instead in the display of pure physical bodily resistance.

    Knight level 75 with duals
    Knight level 75 with duals

    The Knights are the protectors of the former Human Kingdoms, remaining steadfast in values that, some may argue have long passed their usefulness. But still, the humans of Iris look to them for protection and guidance as you can trust a Knight to remain on the battlefield, doing his duty to the bitter end. The Knights are trained warriors, perfecting and valuing technique over brute force. Experts as warfare and battle tactics, they can be counted on to last long on the battlefield and to be in the thick of battle.



    Honor, principle, loyalty. These are not the words to describe a Rogue. Rogues value practicality, above all things, to do whatever it takes by any means necessary to get the job done. Masters at deception and all things sneaky, expect a rogue when you don't. Not quite the brute fighting force that they despise. Rogues employ a more subtler means of getting things done, a cut here to bleed to the enemy, a cut there to slow the enemy down, then the quick leap out of enemy attack range, a rogue is the personification of "Catch me if you can". Just one thing, thought, don't get caught.


    The Mage is the manipulator of things seen and unseen, controlling the Gifts of Iris to do her bidding. Her source of power is her mind, with wich she gathers the Void intro raw energy, ready to be unleashed at enemies. The Mage, though powerful, spends much time in her training to master such skills, thus neglecting her physical needs. It is said that all one needs to do to defeat a mage, is to stand right next to her. If you can reach her, that is.


    As opposed to the Mage, the Healer coaxes the Void to restore and heal. Parties stalwart, Healers are always in demand in parties and armies due to their affinity which magical healing. They get their powers through the heritage of their Elven blood and culture, which participated in the war on Apollon's side. But still, the Healer is not one made for the thick of battle, and relies heavily on her team mates to get her out of mortal danger.

    Summoner ( Sorcerer )

    There are those who have delved into the secrets of the Void looking for the secrets of Creation. There are those who have that the secrets of Creation are linked closely with the manipulations of the Void. There are those who discovered of how the Gods themselves took the Void and crafted all things. There are also those who now know how the same do. There are the Summoners. Though lacking the sheer power of will of the Gods to truly create. Summoners have found ways to reach intro the Void to retrive Beings and Monsters to their location. As many have started to painfully find out. Summoners are never alone.

    System Requirements

      Minimum System Requirements Recommended Specs
    Windows (R) Vista/ XP/2000 (95/98/ME/NT/Server are not supported)
    CPU 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent 2 GHz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent
    Memory 512Mb 1Gb
    Hard Drive
    1.5 Gb free hard-drive space
    Video GeForce2 MX/Radeon 7500 (or equivalent)
    with 32 Mb VRAM
    GeForce4 TI/Radeon 8500 (or equivalent)
    with 64 Mb VRAM
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
    Network Network 56 Kbps Internet Connection Broadband Internet Connnection

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