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    Last Five Turns Event

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    The game is almost over and there are 5 turns left. The Mario Party franchise used this concept to give out the current scores and a new twist is added. This appears in all games (except Mario Party Advance and Mario Party-e).

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    The Last Five Turns Event is a special concept that appears when there are 4 or 5 turns left in the Mario Party franchise. It lets the players give an extra rule in addition to the current scores. Each event is hosted by a Mario Party character depending on the game and the number of turns left. Let's take a look at each game's special effects:


    Mario Party 3's version of the Last Five Turns Event.
    Mario Party 3's version of the Last Five Turns Event.
    • Mario Party: In the first Mario Party, Koopa Troopa tells the current scores and predicted on the winner or superstar of the game. After that, Blue and Red Spaces are now worth 6 coins and if any player passes start, then they receive a 20 coin bonus.
    • Mario Party 2 : In this game, Toad tells them the same thing as before but this time the predictions go to a Koopa or Bowser this time and the predicted player will receive or lose coins. After that, the coin's space value is doubled again and if 2 players land on the same space, then a duel begins.
    • Mario Party 3 : In the 3rd installment of the franchise, it stays the same as the last game: Current scores, predict the winner or loser and get or lose coins, double coins on Red and Blue Spaces, and a duel.
    • Mario Party 4 : In the 4th game of the series, there are a lot of changes. Before the current scores are announced, they must do a Lucky Lottery for a chance to win a free star (if you currently have a Lucky Party Ticket). The host of the board spins a roulette wheel to decide on the characters in the left, middle and the right. If you get a match then you win. After that, the current scores are announced and the person in last place must spin a bonus wheel to decide on an extra rule and they are: Space Multiplier (doubles the coin's value for Red and Blue Spaces), Star Present (Stars are now free for 5 turns only), Red Spaces to Fortune Spaces and Red Spaces to Bowser Spaces.
    • Mario Party 5 : In Mario Party 5, the event is now hosted by Bowser and gives out the current scores as before and asks the player in last place to spin the wheel to determine an extra rule and they are: Triple Coins on Red and Blue Spaces, 5 Star Spaces, All spaces have capsule events and Red Spaces to Bowser Spaces. Also, if 2 players land on the same space, then a duel begins.
    • Mario Party 6: Mario Party 6 works the same way as Mario Party 5, but this time, the event is hosted by Brighton or Twila (depending on the time of day). This time, the bonus wheel has: triple coins on spaces, get 40 coins for yourself, Bowser Revolution and 5 Character Spaces.
    • Mario Party 7 : In the 7th game of the franchise, it is now called the Last Four Turns Event because Bowser Time appears every 5 turns. This time, Koopa Kid gives out the current standings (in reverse order) to Bowser and asks the player in last place to spin his roulette wheel to decide on one of 6 extra rules: The first 2 rules stayed the same as Mario Party 6 (Triple Coins on all spaces and 40 coins for yourself) and 4 brand new ones: Half Price on Stars (Grand Canal and Bowser's Enchanted Inferno), Red Spaces to Bowser Spaces, 10 Koopa Kid Spaces and Half Price on Chain Chomp rides (Pyramid Park).
    • Mario Party 8 : In the 8th Mario Party game, this event is replaced by a new event called Chump Charity which is hosted by MC Ballyhoo and Big Top . In this new event, the last place player will receive coins or candy. After that, the board is full of coins!
    • Mario Party DS : Mario Party DS also has the Last Five Turns Event now called the Final 5 Frenzy which is hosted by Bowser. In this event, the scores are announced and asks the player in last place to spin the wheel to decide on one of 5 new rules: Get 20 coins, Get 30 coins, Get 1 star, Steal 10 coins from each player and buy stars for only 5 coins (Wiggler's Garden, DK's Stone Statue and Bowser's Pinball Machine). In addition, all Friend Spaces are now Duel Spaces.

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