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    Latex is the word used to refer to natural latex rubber. Particularly, for non-vulcanized rubber products like latex condoms and latex clothing.

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    Latex is a a type of rubber that in video games is usually used as a fabric for clothes. Said clothes possess the properties of being both tight-fitting and shiny. Such clothes are usually worn by women to make them look sexually appealing and have strong links with fetish communities. Latex clothing can often be hard to get into as it sticks to the skin. Latex can stretch really well and is also notably used for condoms, prosthetics and surgical gloves. Latex should not be confused with spandex, which is an elasticated fabric invented in 1959 by DuPont, it should also not be confused with leather or lycra. Some people are also allergic to latex, so you should be sure you aren't before using or wearing it.


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