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Lauren Winter enters the story as a


working out of a small, dirty hotel. Her son, Johnny, was one of the victims of the Origami Killer. Immediately after her son's abduction, her husband mysteriously disappeared.

Lauren's disillusioned apathy for catching the Origami Killer changes throughout the game. After being interviewed by private detective

Scott Shelby

, she proceeds to join him with a desire to catch her son's murderer.

Teaser Trailer

Lauren is the character starring in the first

E3 2006

Teaser, dubbed "The Audition", in which she alternately threatens to shoot herself, and then whoever is manning the camera.


Lauren only appears in two endings: Origami's Grave and A Mother's Revenge.

In Origami's Grave, she goes to Scott's grave and expresses her disgust for him. She wonders aloud why he killed her son and why he killed all those other children. She states that she feels nothing but contempt for Scott, and spits at his grave as she leaves.

In A Mother's Revenge, she confronts Scott in the middle of the street. She had been talking to the rest of the mothers who lost their sons to the Origami Killer. She knows that he was never hired by them. Lauren reminds Scott of her oath to find the killer who murdered her son. She then pulls a gun and fires, killing him.


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