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    Lavastorm Mountains

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    Lavastorm Mountains is a volcanic region found in northeastern Antonica.

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    Lavastorm Mountains
    Lavastorm Mountains

    Lavastorm Mountains is a treachorous terrain to say the least. Found to the north of Nektulos Forest, this volcanic region of jagged rocks is home to many creatures that are apparently impervious to the scorching heat. Fire beetles, imps, fire goblins, elementals, and shadow men roam through the area. Many of these creatures are believed to be unnatural and eminating from the infamous dark elf summoner Najena's dungeon to the east. Gypsies have set up camp along the western edges of the wasteland including one that operates a shop within the ancient druid ring, which is quite convenient for experienced adventurers teleporting into the region. Those willing to journey to the northern most reaches of the volcanic ash will find a massive pool of lava. Around this pool are three caves. Within these caves are Solusek's Eye, a stronghold of fire goblins and labratory for ambitious gnomes; The Temple of Solusek Ro, a church offering lucrative quests for all professions; and Nagafen's Lair, a twisted labyrinth of humidity with an army of kobolds, royal fire giants, and the red dragon himself, Lord Nagafen.

    With the discovery of the Broodlands during the Age of Turmoil (Dragons of Norrath), a great many people came to the Lavastorm Mountains. Most notably, there were two rivaling factions offering rewards for those who would assist them in exploring the new regions of Antonica. Norrath's Keepers led by Firiona Vie, and Dark Reign led by Lanys T'Vyl. The Wayfarer's Brotherhood also maintains a presence in the region

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Druid RingFood, Water, General Supplies, Druid Spells
    Gypsy CampCombine Weapons, Fine Steel, Compass, Fire Resist Earrings


    Notable NPCs

    • Eejag
    • Ruathey
    • Sir Lindeal
    • Tisiana

    Notable Items

    • Basilisk Bracer
    • Bone Fingered Gloves
    • Bone Spear
    • Raw-hide Armor

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