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    Lawrence Barrett

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    This hulking augmented mercenary was part of the squad that attacks Sarif Industries in the introduction to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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    Lawrence Barrett is a mercenary seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution; heavily augmented, with two cybernetic arms, thick dermal armour plating in his chest and skull, and a cyber-prosthetic lower jaw, Barrett is clearly a bruiser who focuses on sheer power, as underlined by the fact that his left forearm can transform into a built-in heavy machine gun.

    Barrett is first seen during the attack on Sarif Industries; protagonist Adam Jensen, then un-augmented, watches Barrett coldly execute two of the scientists on Megan Reed's research team, mowing one down with his arm-gun and throwing another into a sheet of reinforced safety glass hard enough to kill him.

    He is encountered again much later as the first boss fight of the game when Jensen, now fully augmented just like Barrett, infiltrates the FEMA Internment Camp where Barrett's squad was based. Jensen and Barrett do battle while his teammates leave, and Jensen manages to come out on top of the resulting firefight, despite Barrett's physical advantages. Jensen interrogates the grievously injured Barrett, who gives him a hint about Shanghai and then activates the grenades on his bandoleer, attempting to take Jensen with him, but Adam stabs him through the neck with his built-in armblades and throws himself free of the blast zone just in time.

    It is speculated that Barrett's last name is a reference to Final Fantasy VII character Barret Wallace, a similarly hulking individual who also had a machine gun build onto his arm. Human Revolution already contains a nod to the franchise in the form of a poster for Final Fantasy XXVII (which apparently will be released at some point between now and 2027, when the game is set) in Frank Pritchard's makeshift tech lab.


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