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    Lawrence is the personal assistant and butler to evil mastermind and fellow robot Dr. Nefarious.

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    Character Bio

    Lawrence is Dr. Nefarious's personal assistant, first appearing in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, portraying a typical English butler. Though Lawrence works for Dr. Nefarious and is a fellow robot, it is unclear if he supports his boss and the evil plans he concocts. He does various jobs, including laundry and translating video messages into sign language. Throughout the game, Lawrence remains downbeat and negative towards everything. He carries out his duties with complaint, often insulting Dr. Nefarious' ambitions. He also reveals his hopes that the Q-Force are removed, not because of any threat they may cause, but because he hates their uniforms.

    Lawrence gradually drifts away from Dr. Nefarious, but offers him assistance when he is faced with a final battle with Ratchet. Once he is defeated, Nefarious demands they are transported immediately before they die. Lawrence does, moving them to a distant asteroid, but admits it could be up to 10,000 years before they would get close enough to another planet to escape. To entertain themselves, Lawrence begins playing his new rock ballad, "Bass Odyssey."

    Lawrence makes a small cameo appearance in the next game of the series, Ratchet: Deadlocked. He and Dr. Nefarious are discovered to be still waiting on that asteroid, gradually approaching Gleeman Vox's DreadZone station. However, before they could reach the station, Vox sets off a detonator, causing the whole area to explode. The scene then closes with Nefarious throwing a tantrum on the floating rock.

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