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    A lawyer is someone who can practice law and can be a representative in a court case, usually representing the plaintiff or the defense.

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    In many forms of media lawyers are a common fixture of the crime drama genre, being found at the centre of conflicts revolving around themes of justice, mystery, and similar concepts in a realistic setting. In such fiction peoples' freedom and livelihoods are frequently put at stake and lawyers are tasked with performing great feats of investigation, social engineering, or deduction to bring about justice. Video games are typically based around more violent conflict or in more fantastical settings and so rarely feature lawyers. Exceptions are commonly found in video games with more down-to-earth settings.

    Likely the most famous examples of lawyers in video games can be found in the Ace Attorney series, most commonly associated with the fictional lawyer Phoenix Wright. In the games players not only control a lawyer, but also roleplay a cartoonised version of the job: collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and participating in courtroom battles. Similar gameplay can be found in the series of licensed games based on the TV crime drama Law & Order.


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