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An Uncomfortable But Not Scary Experience 0

I call this game a horror experience as it certainly doesn't fit in the standard genre of survival horror. I enjoyed it quite a lot, although i certainly wouldn't pay any more than £10 for it (or your currency's equivalent).The story is slowly revealed through the environment; with the main (only) gameplay mechanics being walking and searching furniture. I found myself spending only 30-40 minute periods with the game at a time; it certainly wasn't what i would call gripping. However, i rec...

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Layers of Fear and the Baroque-n Gamer 0

Never before has fear been such a motivator inspiration to continue in a video game I've played before until I sat down with Layers of Fear. My college course of Art Appreciation might have pushed me into admiring something outside of a museum or gallery of beautifully constructed paintings hung on a wall for all to gawk at; o, did I gawk from the comfort of my own couch. My final project for this class was a PowerPoint titled "Rembrandt: Baroque Artist, Broke Artist" and the same sentiment ring...

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