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    Lazlow Jones

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    Lazlow is the host of various radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto series. He has appeared in every game in the series with voice acting since GTA III.

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    Grand Theft Auto III/Liberty City Stories

    In Grand Theft Auto III, Lazlow is the host of talk radio station Chatterbox FM. He states that he got this job after being fired from the rock station, presumably V-Rock. During the events of GTA: Liberty City Stories (circa 1998), Lazlow was the host of Chatterbox, but the show itself shared airtime with several other radio shows on LCFR (Liberty City Free Radio), including the Electron Zone and Coq 'O' Vin. Lazlow states his dislike for sharing airtime, and mentions that he and Donald Love are in talks of making Chatterbox a 24/7 show/station.

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City/Vice City Stories

    As mentioned above, Lazlow was the DJ of V-Rock, a Vice City radio station. During this time, he was often antagonized by callers about his integrity as a rocker.

    In GTA: Vice City Stories, which takes place two years prior to the events in GTA: Vice City, Lazlow is an intern for Couzin Ed, the then DJ of V-Rock. Ed would constantly pick on Lazlow for being an "effeminate dork" to put it lightly. Ed also made an appearance in the original Vice City game as a caller, ranting about how Lazlow took his job away from him.

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

    Lazlow was the host of WCTR's Entertaining America radio show in San Andreas. He usurped Billy Dexter, the show's original host. Lazlow hosted interviews with OG Loc and Chris Formage (the head of The Epsilon Tract, a cult of his own design). During his interview with Chris, Darius Fontaine called in and argued with Chris about his methods for "saving" people, and claims that his Inversion Therapy program is the way people should help themselves.

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    In Grand Theft Auto IV, Lazlow hosted a roving reporter-esque show known as Integrity 2.0, where he would travel around Liberty City, interviewing random pedestrians. This "version" of Lazlow shows a somewhat more egotistical side of him. This is presumably to show that he is now "being real", which happens to mean he is really a drug-addled, sex-crazed star of sorts.

    Grand Theft Auto V

    In Grand Theft Auto V, Lazlow is the co-host of Chattersphere, a talk radio show on WCTR. He is also the host of a TV talent competition show called Fame or Shame.

    Fame or Shame

    Lazlow's first appearance in the story mode is during the mission "Fame or Shame", where he introduces Tracey De Santa during an audition for the reality show. Before she begins performing, Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips enter the stage room and watch her dance exotically with Lazlow. Both Michael and Trevor are angered by this and almost fight Lazlow until he calls for security and runs outside for his car.

    Michael and Trevor soon follow and use the parked semi-trailer truck in order to chase him. As Lazlow's hybrid car breaks down near the LS river, he pleads for his life to both men and admits to having multiple sexual harassment lawsuits and being addicted to masturbation - even doing so in public. Trevor decides to embarrass Lazlow by forcing him to dance in his underwear while being recorded on cellphone, and Michael lets him run away without any more punishment.

    Reuniting the Family

    As Michael and his son Jimmy De Santa head to the tattoo parlor to pick up Tracey, Jimmy reveals that she is there to meet up with Lazlow again in order to get back on Fame or Shame. They eavesdrop on Lazlow and Tracey's conversation outside of the tattoo shop, and it is revealed that he is willing to let Tracey on the show in exchange for oral sex.

    Michael angrily enters the shop and forcibly pierces Lazlow's face and tattoos a penis on his chest or back while Jimmy keeps the shop owner in the storage room. Michael then cuts Lazlow's signature ponytail off and tells him to give Tracey whatever she wants without oral sex. Michael then leaves the shop with both Jimmy and Tracey to head to their therapy session.


    During the mission "Meltdown", Lazlow briefly appears at the red carpet premiere of Meltdown, where he is seen greeting and interviewing the movie's cast. As director Solomon Richards is about to head into the theatre, Lazlow interrupts and asks for a role in one of his movies. Solomon jokingly refers to a film called "The Closet" would be a perfect fit for Lazlow. After Lazlow notices Michael, he quickly heads into the theatre.


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