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    Lazulis Island

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    The primary setting of The Last Story. Zael and his companions come to the island in search of a better life.

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    Lazulis Island is the primary setting of The Last Story. The island is the last prosperous region of an expansive empire and is ruled by a count descended from the bloodline of the great hero Arganan. The current Count Arganan who rules over the island is in actuality the brother of the previous count, who died under mysterious circumstances. It is implied that Count Arganan had his brother and his sister-in-law done away with while their daughter Calista was too young to inherit rulership, allowing him to take power for himself.

    Though Count Arganan keeps an extraordinarily tight leash on those around him, often imprisoning and executing those that would go against him, Lazulis Island is a largely peaceful, prosperous island in which its residents, most of whom live in Lazulis City, are able to live free of hardship. Zael and the other mercenaries at the center of the game's plot come to the island in search of a better life. Zael and Dagran in particular aspire to rise up out of the rabble and become knights.

    The Mobile Island

    A fact kept secret from most everyone is that Lazulis Island is in actuality a mobile fortress. One that wields the power of the Outsider can command the island to move across the seas. Zael, pressed into service by the count, makes the island mobile once again and sets it on a course for the Gurak continent; the count's goal is to use the island's power to invade the continent and defeat the Gurak leader, Zangurak.


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