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    Lazy Raiders

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 24, 2010

    Spin the maze and avoid traps in this Xbox Live action puzzle game.

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    Lazy Raiders is an Action-Puzzle game, developed and published by Sarbakan Inc. It
     Watch out for rolling boulders!
     Watch out for rolling boulders!
    stars the character, Dr. Diggabone, a  British explorer on a quest for 16 lost relics across the American continents. But he’s so lazy that he does nothing but stand there, waiting for something to happen. That's where you come in.   


    Lazy Raiders includes 80 different levels, with various traps, minions, thieves, and all sorts of nasty and fun surprises.  The game also has full avatar support, which means you can use your Xbox Live avatar as the main character instead of Dr. Diggabone.


    The game is played by rotating the level using the analog stick.  Doing so will make the whole level rotate about a central axis.  This makes Dr. Diggabone (and many enemies) slide and fall as gravity dictates.  At any time the whole board can be instantly inverted, flipping everything along the horizontal axis of the screen.  Flipping is often different than rotating the level 360 because many enemies or traps change when the world flips.   It could be considered a spiritual successor to the game Labyrinth (the tilting wooden maze full of  with the metal ball). 
    Each level is scored based on: How much stuff was collected, how much damage you took, and how long it took.  Leaderboards are maintained for each level.  Levels can be completed very quickly if treasure is ignored.  Many in less than 10 seconds.  This effectively gives two methods of play.  Score based and speed runs. 
    There are 2 kinds of level, normal and relic.  Every 5th stage is a relic stage.   On all stages, points are earned by collecting gems and destroying enemies.  Points are lost by taking damage and dying.  Dying does not reset a level, but only resets your position. 
    • Normal: Objective is to collect the pickaxe, but 3 golden idols can be unlocked (which still have to be collected) by meeting set  point totals.  Idols are needed to unlock relic stages.  There are 64 normal stage with 192 idols.
    • Relic: Plays like every other level but the goal is to collect the relic before a thief does.  Thieves act like Dr. Diggabone (the don't move) but will damage him if he touches them. Relic levels have no idols to unlock.  There are 16 relic stages and 175 idols will be needed to open them all.  
    There are 3 different themes to the levels: Jungle, Arctic, and Wild West.  In each the look of the levels changes and the the relics you collect are thematically appropriate.  Ex. in the west you'll collect Custer's Bugle, and Mayan artifacts in the Jungle levels. 


    • Boulders - Roll with the level and will damage objects the collide with.  Can be stood on or next too, but will damage Dr. Diggabone if it rolls towards him at all.  Can destroy other enemies and traps.  Will break off wall spikes.  When used to destroy a spike pit, the boulder is destroyed as well.
    • Snowballs - Like boulders but they grow when rolling over snow and shrink after falling.   
    • Rolling Gears - Like boulders but any contact will hurt you.  Matching one with a Gear Pit will destroy both and open attached doors.  Can jam Clock Spikes.
    • Gear Pits - Just like spike pits but are linked to color coded doors.  Destroying the pit opens the doors.
    • Sliding Walls - Heavy blocks that shift with gravity.  Will damage anything they trap in place.  
    • Dissapearing Walls - Are harmless barriers until the world is flipped.  Then they disappear/materialize.  If you are touching them when they phase in or out you take damage.
    • Flame Jets - Turn off/on when the world is flipped.  Can be destroyed if a dynamite crate hits them while on.
    • Dynamite Crates - Will damage Dr. Diggabone if one falls on him.  Destroys flame jets if they are on.  
    • Bat - Contact damages Dr. Diggabone.  They hover in place until the world is flipped, then they go dormant, turn into balls, and fall with gravity (still dangerous).  Become active again when the level is flipped again.  They can only be damaged while not dormant.  While active, anything else (i.e. not other bats) dangerous will kill them.
    • Ice Owl - Same as Bats but do more damage and worth more points.
    • Vulture - Like Ice Owls and Bats but do even more damage and worth even more points
    • Wall Spikes - Damage on touch.  Boulders/gears/snowballs destroy them.
    • Spike Pits -  Damage on touch.  Boulders will destroy them and the boulder, mostly filling the pit in.  Snowballs will do the same if the ball is big enough.  If not, it will only fill the pit partway and it will remain dangerous.  
    • Clock Spikes - Looks like the hands on a clock.  Only one side has spikes and the other is safe to walk on.  Both hands turn at different speeds.  When the level is flipped they rotate at a different rate. 
    • Thief - Only appear on relic levels.  Damages on touch and will end the level if allowed to reach the relic first. 

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