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It's like the old times, when games were actually fun 25

"Lead and Gold" is not that simple to review because you can really look at this game in so many different ways, you can try it for five minutes and say: "This game sucks because you can't crouch and you can't unlock weapons n' shit". You don't have a huge pile of RPGish gameplay elements or insanely realistic and great looking graphics and you can ask yourself, do you really need all that? If the answer is yes, then you can stop reading this review because the game isn't really for you and I do...

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Basic? Yes. Fun? Sometimes. 0

Since this review dedicated server support has been added. When you set out to make a simplistic game which falls back onto the good old times where multiplayer games were a lot simpler and didn't rely on flashy over the top action to catch the players attention, you'd better make sure that you get the basics absolutely perfect. Unfortunately Lead and Gold falls short of doing this, becoming more of a chore to play than the fun back to basics western shooter it aspires to be.     Yeehaw!      ...

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Shoot to thrill 0

Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and co. may have satisfied our Wild West thirst on the big screen, but the world of gun-slinging outlaws has never really materialised in any meaningful way on the videogame circuit. Red Dead Redemption could go some way to filling that void this May, but until then, if you’re looking for some rootin’ tootin’ shootouts at dawn, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West could be a good way to pass the time.  Howdy partner Lead and Gold is a third-person, team-based ...

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A solid Multiplayer title that suffers- 0

Lead and Gold is the new title from Indie developer FatShark and is a team based Multiplayer shooter in a western setting. It is a very similiar game to TF2 despite the change in perspective.  Players can play a variety of game modes which are western twists on classic multiplayer gametypes, For example Shootout is Team Deathmatch.  Players can choose between one of Four classes to play in the games strong array of maps- The Blaster - Is a shotgun wielding prospector who can also toss dynamite a...

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If you like TF2 or CS, you might like this game. 0

I got this on Steam for only $15. It's like Team Fortress 2 meets Gears of War. There are only 4 classes to choose from and not very many players online. I only saw 3 servers with about 3-12 people in them, and several times I was disconnected. As of now, the official Steam LaG (lol, lag) club has about 1,000 members, but I never see many of them playing.The graphics are really good, as good as Team Fortress 2, even a little more realistic. It's fun, but not as involved as Team Fortress 2 or Cou...

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