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It's like the old times, when games were actually fun

"Lead and Gold" is not that simple to review because you can really look at this game in so many different ways, you can try it for five minutes and say: "This game sucks because you can't crouch and you can't unlock weapons n' shit". You don't have a huge pile of RPGish gameplay elements or insanely realistic and great looking graphics and you can ask yourself, do you really need all that? If the answer is yes, then you can stop reading this review because the game isn't really for you and I don't think it isn't even designed for you.   

Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West

Instead all of those things you have in almost every latest shooter, you have simple and fast paced fun. FUN. Can you remember what that word means? It means you don't have to play this game hours and hours more just to unlock everything and get to the fun part of it all. It's all about you, your good ol' six shooter and the way you use it. 
You play as one of the four different character class that wield different weapons, one of them is a "Trapper" who is basically your teams sniper, but she can also lay traps that can paralyze enemy players if they happen to walk into one, or maybe you want to play as a "Blaster", he carries a very strong double barrel shotgun and a pile of dynamite in case you might need a small explosion. The goal of the game depends on the game mode you want to play and the game includes all the basics like Team Deathmatch (Shootout) and Conquest but you also have game modes like "Robbery" where the other team tries to blow up a safe and steal all the gold while the other team tries to defend the safe.
The western theme is carried out with pride and the whole game oozes with feeling right from the start with great music and sound effects, you really feel like some bandit from old western movies and comics. The graphics are nice and colorful, fortifying the simple nature of this game and even if a game is simple, it doesn't mean it has to be shoddy and LaG proves this with no problems at all, controls and the gameplay feels very solid.  
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But like every other game, this game has it's flaws too. And the biggest flaw is that there is no dedicated servers, which means you will probably experience lag depending on when and who you play with and if the servers host leaves, you will get disconnected because the game doesn't support host migration. Developers have promised a dedicated server soon but until that happens, be ready to sometimes die with no apparent reason or to be disconnected from a server only after a minute of gameplay. 
If the developers keep their promises about the dedicated servers and new content after release, this game is easily worth it's low price. The game has been released on the PC through Steam and will be released on the XLM and PSN too later.
Final Verdict: 4.0 (If the dedicated servers aren't released soonish, you can take one star away of this verdict)

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