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Fun and addicting ..while it lasts

 What has African savannah and artic circle to do with each other? Probably not a lot, except for this game perhaps. Lead the Meerkats is developed by Lapland Studio/Inari Interactive who are developer based in Rovaniemi located on arctic circle latitudes.

Lead the Meerkat is a simple RTS/simulation game where you need to lead your group of meerkats back to green Savannah. After rather turmoiled event between two Meerkat factions. The grey meerkats drive the brown meerkats(you) off from your lush savannah environment to a dry desert. You as the head brown meerkat-honzo need to gather your gang and get back to your savannah. 

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Game world is presented as a maze like African landscape where you need to expand your territory by conquering new burrows. Burrows are created by extending your existing tunnel network. This is done by creating a new line (tunnel) from your base burrow towards the next main burrow. To make this extensive building easier you can recruit, or reproduce rather, new meerkat's by hunting and collecting insects. You can have up to 9 meerkats in your roaming gang in one time. These meerkats can be assigned your meerkats to build the tunnel network, gather insects and keep an lookout for predators. If you come across a predator (ie snake, fox, big lizard) you will go to a boss battle where you assign your loyal meerkats to attack. Later on the game you will come across to your opposing faction meerkats which you need to chase away before taking over the base burrow.

 Nothing really to complain on the presentation front. This being a small Wiiware game the developers have done good job. Game is presented with simple colorful animations and game-world. Sounds are suiting ethnic music and relaxing savannah ambient sounds 

I played through the game in one sitting which lasted only couple of hours. After finishing the game there isn't really any reason to go back. Granted this is bit short and simple but then again I am probably not in the target group for this game. I did enjoy the game while it lasted and would recommend this if a light RTS or Meerkat game(?) is your cup of tea. Probably more suitable for younger audience though.    

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