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    A character from Viva Piñata who presents a tutorial at the beginning of the game and gives the player advice on gardening.

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    Near the beginning of the game Leafos gives the player basic information on how to play the game as well as tools to help them tend to their garden. During the rest of the game Leafos will wander around the player’s garden and when talked to will give them advice. While a certain amount of the advice Leafos gives the player is valid, a certain amount of the information she gives is false. If the player repeatedly sprays her with the watering can she will temporarily confiscate their watering can and if the player repeatedly whacks her with the shovel she will temporarily confiscate their shovel.


    Leafos was the second child born to Jardinero. According to Jardinero Leafos was born soon after their first child Stardos and was bought up by Jardniero while he trained Stardos and tended to his garden. Leafos had a great love of the garden and would even take flowers into her room at night. Apparently upon one occasion Leafos attempted to take a Moozipan to bed but Jardinero prevented her from doing so. The day after she attempted taking the Moozipan to bed Jardinero gave her some pencils and paper and she began drawing all the things she saw in the garden so that she could put the drawings up in her bedroom.

    When Leafos was older she began writing about the plants and piñatas in the garden in addition to drawing sketches of them. Leafos’ bedroom walls became quickly covered in drawings and notes on the garden so she and Jardinero made them into a book which eventually became the journal, a record of everything in Jardinero’s garden.

    When Ruffians attacked Jardinero’s garden Leafos hid in Jardinero’s house and observed them destroying the garden. Upon Jardinero’s return to the garden she explained to him everything that had happened.    


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