Any GB players out there who'd like to help a new player?

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So I just picked up LoL a few days ago and just starting to work on the basics. The problem is that I don't know anyone who plays so I don't have any friends to group with while I learn to play.Summoner name is "red thaze" (yeah it sounds dumb, but after my WoW name was already taken I just combined it with my xbox GT) so add me if you'd like to play a few matches.

Also, if any of you know good websites or youtube channels that have good guides for learning the game, I'd love to know them.

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My LoL name is the same as my username here, so add me if you want.

As for places to learn how to play the game, Mobafire is a pretty great destination to learn which items to buy for which champion and how/where to play them.

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Yeah Mobafire, lolpro, solomid and all have character information and build guides for champs. Also just a basic 'last hitting' guide like this is a good basic item to learn for the early phases of the game.

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I wouldn't suggest mobafire for a new player. If you want a good place to go learn and meet other players, there's r/summonerpreschool, and then r/summonerschool. You just started playing, so don't even worry about going to a build site and learning advanced things, just work on basics like learning what all the items do, what all the champions do, and what champions you like best.

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Here's a list of suggestions:

  • Learn the item shop. Knowing the items that you can purchase in there is one of the most important things to learn.
  • Learn what each type of champion "role" is and does. Play every champ available when they are free each week. Learn the playing field of champions that way. Just reading about the shit does no good. The visualization of how the skills work, what their range is, stuff like that is PRICELESS, and the only way to get that info in the best way possible is to experience it.
  • Learn how to last-hit minions. This is considered your "farm" or "CS". Without it, you might as well not bother playing.
  • Learn the abbreviations people use.
  • Do not give in to the rage and whining that people throw out there, and if people give you shit like "you suck, uninstall, fuck you, you're gay" and all the other toxic shit that community can throw out, just ignore them.

Beyond that, the rest is just advanced tactics - learning when to take towers, team synergies, lane counters, strong and weak champions post-patches, and generally just learning to play the game on a more macro-level rather than just micro.

Good luck.

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Hi! It's cool to see someone on GB pick up League of Legends.

I've added you; my ID is MattySharrow. I played some ranked games but I'm not very high-ranked. I'll just recap suggestions made by other members here so far: Learn the champions you'll play as (what their roles are), learn the items you'll buy and what they do. Learn to last hit, because most roles rely on that for their gold income.

This is probably a flyer, but once you think you are comfortable with playing and knowing most of the items, why not watch a bit of LCS on They stream on Thursdays and Fridays, have great shoutcasters (broadcasters) and they archive a lot of their recently played games. There you'll see some real strategies and maybe you can try to emulate what you can do to win the game.

Oh, some more suggestions from me, first get used to what the map layout, especially the key strategic objective monsters like Dragon and Baron Nashor. From there, get in the habit of buying wards when you have money to spare. They provide vision around the map, and there's a lot to gain from knowing where your opponents are when the same can't be said for them.

There is a lot of complex strategy, and if you stay in the game you'll come around them soon enough. So just start with the basics and go from there.

See in the Rift,

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