LoL WCG Live Stream (USA, USA, USA)

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The League of Legends WCG finals are streaming live right now (, and even though it is still the round robin, it looks like the USA team is a heavy favorite to win. They just steamrolled China in 20 minutes (5 minutes before you have the option to surrender... also known as a SKUNK!). 
There is one more round of group play before the first elimination round starts. This is also a great chance to see some extremely high level play.

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CLG is pretty good.  I occasionally watch their live stream (usually following HotshotGG, who's I think in the 1950s ELO for solo and premade).  Hotshot's great, but if I ever ran into him during a game, I'm probably /ignore him instantly.  Exactly the kind of person that tends to ruin the fun - a rabid commander.  Skilled, but extremely temperamental.   Check it out here -  Its schedule is all over the place - just occasionally click the link in the afternoons and you'll eventually be in luck.

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Is this archived anywhere? I'd love to watch these.

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