Mentoring New League Players

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Hey everyone,

After listening to the last Bombcast and hearing Jeff has actually downloaded league I decided I would offer my experience to anyone who is interested in learning LoL. I play a good amount and like teaching people. I've helped out a few people I know in league with choosing new champions and such and I am willing to play initial games to further explain/illustrate the basics of playing league. I also have no problem answering repetitive questions from multiple people about anything league related, from leveling to champs and initial rune/mastery choices.

My name in game is Silver Saint7. Feel free to add me if you are interested.

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@silversaint: I was actually looking for someone to teach me how to play. MOBAs have always sounded super fun but learning the ins and outs of builds and roles while working with a team seemed daunting. I'm moving tomorrow but should be set up Sunday or Monday. You can reply here, or send me a text in Google hangouts.


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Hey! I'm super interested in getting into LoL. Anything from guides and tutorials to actual hand-holding would be appreciated!

Best way to contact me is through here or emailing burnsep at

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