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So a new patch is coming out this week with some significant buffs, nerfs, and changes to the game, including a new character.

Some noteable changes include Teemo getting a bug fixed, which previously would prevent his Toxic Shot ability from doing damage over time if your DPS was to high. So now Teemo is significantly more powerful. I want to hold off judgement until I see it in action, but from what was shown in the video it looks like he might be a little OP now.

Another big addition that I am happy about is a way for comebacks to occur naturally. They have made it so that players get more XP(possibly gold as well?) for killing champions that are a higher level then them. This is added because previously once a team got ahead of the other team, it was extremely difficult to come back. Even if the losing team took out the high level opposing champions they would still be to far behind to make a comeback. With this change there should be more of a constant struggle in games, and it should also force more powerful champions to have to play consistently smart, because if they slip up and get killed by the less powerful champions it could lead to their teams eventual loss.

Some further highlights taken from a PC Gamer Article:

The highlights of the patch are:

  • A new champion: Hecarim, an evil ethereal centaur
  • Obnoxious little Teemo gets a seemingly significant DPS boost
  • Kayle’s ability to support and carry her teammates much stronger
  • Magic Resist Runes getting slightly nerfed, while Magic Penetration and Ability Power Runes are getting buffed
  • Mastery pages will be stored server-side (like Rune pages are) so you can use them on every computer
  • Floating combat text more useful and readable
  • Some general UI improvments
  • Sion is joining the AI bot army and will be available for co-op games on Dominion or Summoner’s Rift
  • Bots can now be added to Dominion custom games
  • Bots in co-op games will now purchase and use elixirs after they complete their full item builds
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I can not wait for this patch to hit EU West :) Thank you for information although I've known for a while the full details, It's nicely constructed!

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