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So, looking to set up a team for ranked 5''s, well really modify my current one. I'm mainly looking for a support but other lanes can change, and if there are enough people i would start a brand new team all together. I myself am the AD carry and hoping for a experienced support or player. As for the skill level of the rest of the team, it varies. If you are interested, hit me up on here or on league, im Slyspider.

Note: mods if this is not okay to try and make a team for LoL on here sorry :( Couldn't figure out if it was okay or not

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#2 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Could you please specify which server are you playing on? Thank you.

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#3 Posted by slyspider (1769 posts) -

I am currently on the NA server

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#4 Posted by SilverGalford (54 posts) -

i'm on the NA server

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Bah, no EU West guys? I need at least a teammate who can carry me!

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