Would you be into League of Legends ARPG on consoles?

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So while I've boarded the E3 Hype Train I've been thinking about that leaked list of titles by microsoft and one of the weirder games on that list was League of Legends (most rumors seem to have some semblence of truth to them). I dont think anyone would want that but What if the League of Legends on consoles was an ARPG like Marvel Heroes or Torchligt. It would leverage the League of Legends name while making a game that is seated in a more accessible genre. It would have a similar store where you buy characters with IP or RP and buy costumes for your characters. Could be another good revenue option for the folks who own Riot.

On the Game side it would be a cool way for exsisting League of Legends players to explore the world of Valoran, get to see Demacia!!! and Noxus realized in something other than boring text. Each character could have quest lines that gives a better way to explore their lore: Unlock Caitlyn and get to play her in quest that have her cleaning up Piltover, People could finally play Teemo when he's in the scouts defending Bandle City (everyone loves Teemo, Right?). New loot and monsters, and abilities would be needed but i think it could be a cool spin off.

Would any of you play a League of Legends game on console be it a ARPG or straight up MOBA?

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Sure I guess?

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lol becoming something like wow or diablo ?it could be , BUT if this one has many classes, movements like C9 and open map grinding (no dungeon based only) . in few words , a combination of WoW ,Ragnarok online and Continent of the ninth. that would be awesome.

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