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A game worth your time 1

I first started playing the game about 7 months ago when it was still in beta. A lot has changed, mostly streamlining the UI and improving performance of the client. I can say that the game has blossomed quite nicely, though it isn't quite yet a full flower. There are multiple bugs still around, most notably the chat server disconnect, which forces you to restart the application to start a new game with friends. Things of that nature made me question Riot moving out of beta and into the ...

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Fast paced, adrenaline pumping and instantly addicting ! 1

I´m curently up at 4.30 AM because my adrenaline levels are through the roof. The reason is League of Legends. This game is hands down one of the best I´ve played this year, and thats despite it´s lack of content. This game currently have ONE map to play on and STILL is so fun I´ve probably spent 8 hours playing it tonight. And probably 40 or 50 hours total and I feel like I´m just beginning to get into this game.    LoL follows the Blizzard concept of being very easy to get into and very hard t...

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Free DotA 0

Now i play League of Legends since 2011, and it is until now still for me the best free 2 play game in the world wide web. All purchasable contents can i earn by playing games. So i do not have to spend real money for Champions, runes , Summoner icons etc....

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Soon you'll be a monster, too 0

People who play League of Legends are an angry bunch, by now you must of heard. Being one of the worst online communities in history is at this point both an understatement and undeniable fact, compelling even Riot Games to take action against its players' uncontainable ego. They've actually added features designed solely to discourage the incessant negativity, recently awarding virtual ribbons to 'friendly' gamers (heads up -- they aren't). Maybe the game isn't fun, you wonder, but then judging...

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A fun package you have no reason to miss. 0

   Most games come with a price tag, and a pretty hefty one at that coming up around $50-60. Recently however there has been a sort of new day for free download-able games witch used to be only for tetris clones. Now with games like D&D online going up for free and this game league of legends being free, well it looks like if you can save that cash for something else.     Now to the actual game. You probably know that it  is  a DOTA style game, and if you watched the quick look then you an g...

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With potential comes flaws... 0

 If you enjoy RTS's and RPG's, then you would likely fall in love with a game that combines the two genres into a beautiful intermediate. League of Legends, unfortunately, possesses too many flaws to be a recommended title in the genre we mentioned. And these flaws center around one thing.   Matchmaking       Pictured Above: A terrible match  You see, in the FPS genre, players of varying skills can be paired together and still have fun. Take Team Deathmatch for example; This game type pairs ...

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A really great free to play game 7

Straight off, if you like DOTA you will like this game. Of that i have no doubt, but if you don't like DOTA then this may be a nice way to give it a go. League of Legends (LoL) is a free to play with microtransactions DOTA style multiplayer game. In the game you are what is called a Summoner. The Summoner is basically your ID but your profile also gains XP and levels up giving you access to more spells which can be used in game, more runes and rune slots which are a way of customising your hero/...

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Depends on your dedication 0

Well, you start the game either being frustrated or excited depending on whether or not you've played a MOBA.  People hate the graphics if they come from HON and hate the summoners skills and flash in particular.  Newbies are excited by the colors and fun champions. Once you get to lvl 30 you either turn try-hard and hate the game because it's unbalanced or don' t take it too seriously and actually enjoy it with your friends.  It's a hard game to write a review for, but all in all, it's like mos...

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A serious contender for best F2P title on the market right now 0

  Feeling a bit strapped for cash? Looking for a casual friendly title? Into team-based online games? Have a soft spot for a manic-depressive pygmy mummy? This may just be your thing. Nearly two years after its release Riot Games' marquee offering has gone through several layers of polish, numerous balancing updates, and now boasts over 70 different playable champions. Intrigued? Then read on. League of Legends is one of those types of games that seems extremely easy to pick up, and insanely dif...

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Extremely Mixed Feelings 0

League of Legends is a mix of good ideas and bad implementation.  As a DoTA clone, it starts with a fairly solid core gameplay involving mindless units charging toward their doom while you pick them off and gain XP and gold for doing it.  Eventually, your tear down your opponent's defensive turrets and destroy their nexus, ending the game. What's good about League is the variety of heroes available, and the fact that it's free to play and you can (eventually) unlock all the heroes using f...

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DOTA? Nope. Well. Maybe. 0

DOTA was a big deal, it took a popular RTS and rode it's coat-tails to success. The big winners for this Action RTS RPG MMO Game for Personal Computers is the play-times, you can play it for 15 min to 45 min per match. The graphics are great (comparable to Heroes of Newerth) and the gameplay mechanics are NEW; the itemization is great and easy to access via the 1 shop menu. There are many heroes (lots), lot's of purchasable things, and a great PVP.NET system to play with friends.  Things this ga...

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A great game with some minor, distracting flaws. 0

League of Legends is an AoS style game. The point of the game is to work with 3 or 5 teammates and attempt to destroy the opponents base. This is accomplished by choosing a hero and gradually making them more powerful as the game goes on. The only way to win is to outmaneuver the opposing team thus allowing your team to kill the base.  After playing the game for a solid six months I would give this game a 4.5 out of 5. Now when a person starts playing the game, if they have never experienced an ...

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Free to Play Gaming Done Right 0

I pre-ordered League of Legends (LoL) before it was released and soon after was invited to participate in the beta for a game type I had never played before. I had never played DOTA (I still haven’t), and only pre-ordered the game because I saw a trailer for it and thought that the game looked cool. I was pleasantly surprised to find a game rich with personality and unlimited potential for expansion which continues to be interesting and updated with new content since its release.Gameplay: Fast, ...

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Devilishly Addicting 0

I won’t lie. Seeing the phrase "free to play" associated with a game will prompt me to run for the hills more often than not. This is a little odd, as usually the word free draws me in like an ice cream truck to a Weight Watchers convention. In the world of video games, however, I associate F2P with half-assed, graphically challenged boutique games littered with bugs and ads. Due to these prejudices, I approached League of Legends with a bit of trepidation – but its combination of strategic dept...

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