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    LeChuck is an evil pirate overlord who takes on many forms throughout the Monkey Island Series while trying to vanquish Guybrush Threepwood.

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    LeChuck is a dead pirate and the villain of the Monkey Island series. He has a crush on Elaine Marley, the governor of the Tri-Island Area, who is also responsible for his death. In the first game it is explained that when he courted her, she rejected him and told him to drop dead, which he did. Since then it has been LeChuck's main goal to marry Elaine while thwarting Guybrush Threepwood.

    He gets destroyed multiple times throughout the games only to reappear in a new form:

    • Evil Ghost Pirate

    His first appearance is that of a ghost, that is able to transform into an illusionary human form. Guybrush kills him anew by spraying him with root beer.

    • Evil Zombie Pirate

    After being destroyed in The Secret of Monkey Island, he is raised from the dead in Monkey Island 2 by his right hand Largo LaGrande. LeChuck apparently has little control of his undead body as he limps and spits while talking.

    • Evil Demon Pirate

    In Curse of Monkey Island LeChuck dies by accident from his own cursed cannonball. He later reappears with a fiery beard and some control over fire.

    • Ambiguous Human Pirate

    Early in the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island LeChuck is transformed into a human when Guybrush incorrectly substitutes items for the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. Later LeChuck willingly reverts to his voodoo ridden zombie form.

    In Escape from Monkey Island LeChuck is able to change between all his previous forms at will, and is again able to appear as a human, this time taking an appearance that doesn't look anything like any of his forms, in which he took on the alias "Charles L. Charles", and tried to become governor of the Tri-Island Area.

    LeChuck's evil ship theme song (Guitar Tab)

    Am B F E

    e | -------------------0----------------------------------------------------------------|

    B | -----------0h1--------------3----3-----------------------------------------------|

    G | ----2------------------------3----3----3-----2--2--2--2/1--1--1--1----------|

    D | ---2------------------------3----3------------3--3--3--3/2--2--2--2---------|

    A | --0-------------------------2----2------------3--3--3--3/2--2--2--2----------|

    E | ------------------------------------------------1--1--1--1/0--0--0--0----------|

    Am B F E

    e | -------------------0----------1----1-----------------------------------------------|

    B | -----------0h1--------------3----3----3------------------------------------------|

    G | ----2------------------------3----3-----------2--2--2--2\1--1------------------|

    D | ---2------------------------3------------------3--3--3--3\2--2-----------------|

    A | --0-------------------------2------------------3--3--3--3\2--2------------------|

    E | ------------------------------------------------1--1--1--1\0--0------------------|

    Am B Bb Am

    e | -------------------0-----------------------------------------------------------------|

    B | -----------0h1--------------3----3-----------3--3- 3----1p0-----1--1--1----|

    G | ----2------------------------3----3----3-----3--3--3--------------2--2--2----|

    D | ---2------------------------3----3------------3--3--3--------------2--2--2----|

    A | --0-------------------------2----2------------2--2--2--------------0--0--0-----|

    E | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

    Am B F E Am

    e | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5---|

    B | ------------0-h1------------------------------------------------5p3p1p0-----5-5----|

    G | ----2---2-----------------3---------------2--2--2--2/1--1--------------------5-5---|

    D | ---2----------------------3----3----------3--3--3--3/2--2----------------7--7-7----|

    A | --0-----------------------2---------2-----3--3--3--3/2--2--------------------7-7----|

    E | --------------------------------------------1--1--1--1/0--0--------------------5-5----|

    Am Abm Am

    e |---------5--5--4--4--5--5-5----------5--5--4--4--5--5-5--|

    B |---------5--5--4--4--5--5-5----------5--5--4--4--5--5-5--|

    G |-----5--5--5--4--4--5--5-5------5--5--5--4--4--5--5-5--|

    D |--7-----7--7---------7---------7------7--7---------7---------|

    A |-------------------------------------------------------------------|

    E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|


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