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    Lee is a recurring character in the Gothic series and a natural no-nonsense leader.

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    Lee was a former general of King Rhobar The Second's army and one of his most trusted friends.
    He earned his status by defeating the King’s enemies in the Varant desert. Lee's advancement made some of the officials jealous and they planted evidence on him, accusing him of being part of a conspiracy involving the Queen.
    Instead of getting his old friend hanged, King Rhobar sentenced Lee to be deposed and sent to the penal colony within the Valley of Mines in Khorinis.  

    Lee in Gothic I

    After some time with the help of Lares and others who did not like working under Gomez’s rule, left the Old Camp and established a new along with the Water Mages of Adanos. With Lee's assistance, the Mages tried to figure out a way to break the Magic Barrier which surrounded the Valley of Mines. He and the leader of the water mages, Saturas, came up with the plan of using magic ore in order to neutralize the barrier. Then the Nameless Hero arrived...

    Lee in Gothic II

    After the destruction of the Magic Barrier, Lee and some of the other former convicts settled on Onar’s Farm, where they worked as mercenaries by fighting off militia from the city of Khorinis.

    However, His men were now divided into two groups: The people who came from the New Camp, and newcomers from the south, previously led by Sylvio who had an agenda of his own.

    In the last chapter of the game, the Nameless Hero could choose to take Lee along as a crewmembers on his journey to Irdorath.

    Lee in Gothic III

    Lee found his way to the mainland where he searches out people who destroyed his life and ambitions.
    If the Nameless Hero chose to help Lee, he would confront the King Rhobar and kill him in cold vengeance.


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