Left 4 dead 1 & 2 xbox 360- what happened ?

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This might just be me but its been like the community for left 4 dead 1 and 2 have died down lately.
 I feel this way because in the old days with the original left 4 dead I would always find a lobby with serious players who communicated in any playlist and everyone had the latest updates and dlc and I could play for hours 
but  lately with left 4 dead 2 (love the game btw) I often get into lobby's where nobody uses a headset (losing probably the most important and fun part of the game) and often leave in the middle of a game or play poorly with their teammates
and that's if I find a lobby as most of the playlist are usually empty (especially dlc) or in game with a single person with 3 bots  (again without a headset) .
and now I lose interest after 15 or 30 min and go play another game
sure I sometimes hit the right lobby with just what I'm looking for, But still whats up?
(and if you wanna play gamer tags Megamonki)

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#2 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5015 posts) -

Everybody is playing on the Master Race PC version, duh.

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#3 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

I only play with friends so I wouldn't know.

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It's because of those 13 year old little kids that spend their afternoon bitching at people online instead going outside and raising hell. So get the PC version and you'll see a lot of mature people. 

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yea I know the PC version is better (just like team fortress 2) but the console versions are my only option cause I cant run it on my computer, but still the 360 version had an audience that nearly matched the PC version but it just disappeared since the release of  l4d2 (and modern warfare 2 now that I think about it)

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I believe there were a few patches that the PC version got but the console version didn't so people just migrated. I helps that Valve puts more effort into the PC version with its free weekends, new campaigns, better support and it doesn't need a beefy computer to run.
Also: The insane testing shit that Microsoft makes developers go through  just for a patch and the fact t that they wont allow any free DLC killed the game from the start, so really, you can go ahead and blame Microsoft for being assholes.

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#8 Posted by gamb1t (1015 posts) -

pc games on consoles? why?

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#9 Posted by drewbs (2794 posts) -

I can tell you that a lot of people still play MW2 on the 360. But I don't know about Left 4 Dead 2.

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#10 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -

Yeah I LOVED L4D 1, it was one of the few games that I actually talked to people who I didn't know on XBL. L4D2 however, not many people seemed to have a mic when I played and I soon got bored of that game.

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#11 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

People moved on to other games.

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#12 Posted by nail1080 (2025 posts) -

I stopped playing because there is no kills achievement in 2

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#13 Posted by Three0neFive (2387 posts) -

The console versions have pretty much no replay value compared to the original ones.

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I played L4D 1 so many times and still go back to it on my PC version every so often. (I keep my Xbox 360 version because it gave me so much enjoyment.)
L4D 2 got me excited and I still love how they improved from the first game to the second. 
The only problem was that too much stayed the same too. 
Sure I love the L4D universe to bits, but unless they really change things up, and I'm not talking about some new slighltly adapted modes like they're currently doing, they're going to burn out all interest.
Also, I've said many many times before, there should've been a rating system setup to weed out all the morons and rage-quitters. 
The only reasons I ever left a versus game was because I'd either be playing a game with elitists, 12 year olds, 12 year old elitists, racists, people who're as clever as a newborn retard (that's been dropped from the top of a very tall tree and hit it's head on every branch on the way down then banged its head one last time on a steel bar that just happened to be lyingin the correct place.) and people who just can't work in a team. 
So eventually I, and probably many others, just got fed up of getting half way through a game, and end up being left playing with 3 AI's for team mates due to rage quitters. 
The only reason I stuck around for as long as I did on the Xbox 360 L4D 2 was because sooner or later I'd meet some genuinely cool & cohesive people and have a really good match, where both teams are really close together in skill and technique. You know, a really good challenge. 
Nowadays though, I've go several days in a row and never come across a single versus match where people communicate and work together really well. 
Lucky I bought L4D 2 in the steam sale then aye? lol. Now I'm back to having fun.
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im still playing it on the 360, i have noticed the drop in players too. the PC version may be better but i am quite sick of being told so! 
I havent got a gaming pc so i must put up withwhat ive got.. a 360 
stop being so damn elitist! 
GT: drakexdoomDPA83

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#16 Posted by MrCandleguy (915 posts) -
@megamonki:  Dude i play on the console with my room mate and we use headsets and we are pretty good players too. My GT is candleguy777 
@Jack268 said:
lol i smell a troll
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@Jack268 said:
Also guys, I have a Sony Vaio laptop and Left 4 Dead 2 runs fine on it. It's not like you need some big expensive gaming rig, mine cost about £300. 

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