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Left 4 Dead 2 needs more

 With the first Left 4 Dead, I honestly felt as if I were part of the apocalypse. The color scheme was dark and dreary, the characters acted as if they were afraid of the zombies, rather than mocking them, and it was fairly difficult. Left4Dead2 was a let down, and it introduced the defibrillator, which I find to make the game much easier, which is not what a game should be. Though most of the dialogue is humorous, it takes away from the horror aspect of the game. It didn't help that the color scheme was yellows but also most of the game takes place during the day.

The melee weapons were definitely an improvement. They made fighting the hordes more enjoyable than with just with guns. Also, the variety of guns was greatly improved it made the 'Gun Shop' in Dead Center one of my favorite places and crescendo events; also, the finales were highly enjoyable and less repetitive compared to the first one. Also, the introduction of Realism and Scavenge made Xbox Live even more valuable when playing.

In short, the game is still entertaining but do not expect anything particularly spectacular

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