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Left 4 Dead: BOOM! Headshot!

Short and to the Point

Left 4 Dead

By: mrhankey

To be honest, I recently have found it hard to get very excited over a game. Seriously, Fallout 3 was, well, meh. Spore, became frustrating towards the end. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky I haven’t touched since I bought it a month ago. Then Crysis Warhead, well I beat it and that’s that. So what game caused me to ignore my schoolwork and even my girlfriend at times, you guessed, the Zombie-Apocalypse survival game: Left 4 Dead.

The Good:

-AI Director, which allows for unprecedented replay ability.

-Great Graphical Atmosphere

-Great Ambiance (sound atmosphere)

-Lots of fun when playing with friends

-Versus Mode!

The Bad:

-Matchmaking for pc players

-Poor connection to servers

-Imbalances in online game play (Versus Mode!)

-Lacking Content

Yes Left 4 Dead has some short comings, those mainly involving how the online interaction of the game works, it’s been tailored to work for both console and pc versions of the game, but in the processor cut out what most of us PC Gamers crave, a server browser. We can only hope that Valve will implement this at some point in time. Overall though, if you’re looking for a Co-Op done right and the Zombie Apocalypse is appealing then grab Left 4 Dead. The game itself is basically the combination of the best Zombie flicks ever put together (a la: 28 Days Later). The game even features posters for each Co-Op campaign, there being about four of them, which depending on your skill will take around five to ten hours to complete, that’s a ballpark estimate though. I feel I need to wrap this up, if you don’t own Left 4 Dead or you don’t like it, then you probably also hate people. Now why would you hate people?

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