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A so so Hack 'N Slasher

Legend Hand of God is all about you ridding the world of evil by finding - you guessed it - the 'Hand of God'. Cliché cliché galore! This is standard Hack 'n Slash dungeon crawler fully mouse driven. RPG fans will feel right at home. There is hardly any learning curve, which is a good thing. Still, there is nothing new here, except for the cursor that is turned into your guiding fairy. In dark places it lightens the environments, which is the only novel idea i could find in this game... Talking about environments, the game consists of one big map. Areas that are not explored yet are dark. There is no real interaction between the player and the environments. Wind, rain or snow, it all seems to have no impact on anything. The only thing you can do is get a quest from somebody, but onversation options are limited. After that you basically walk a linear path fighting a bunch of different monsters along the way. Apart from the main quest, there are some side missions that enable you to take a detour, like go into a cave of cross a bridge somewhere. These side missions are pretty boring. You go find something for someone, or rescue someone..etc.. Not a lot of imagination was put in those missions. Fighting itself is nothing more than continuous clicking with the mouse pointer at the enemy. The monsters are a lot of different monsters that have their own (death) animations and sound effects, but after a while you will notice that  it's all superficial. You get the feeling that enemies are randomly placed or copied and pasted in the environments. Even worse, there is no difference between fighting a small raven or a massive troll! The only difference is the length of the healthbar. There is no strategy, no nothing. You do get to level up each time you've killed number of enemies. You can spend level points on a combat or magic skill tree or on both. Because the fighting is the same evey single time. The saving grace of this game is it's loot factor. You will find lots hidden stuff on the floor or stuff that enenies drop after you killed them. You can use those to beef up your character. There are different swords, shields, boots, helmets your name it. The inventory system is competent. It's nice if you're into that kind of thing. But who cares? Problem is that you don't feel you feel any advantage using these upgrades. You don't get the idea that you character is going to be a total badass in the end. Enemies seem to scale their stats with yours. for example: at the start of the game you'll meet level 1 ravens. But when you reach level 6, you will meet level 6 ravens. That's just silly. Still, it will keep you on your toes. This is no easy game, mind you. If you get killed you get teleported to some place nearby and already slain enemies magically seem to be resurrected as well. That's even more silly. On the graphic department things look oke, but it's nothing to write home about. Sound is fine too, but the voice acting is a total disaster. Overall there is some fun to be had here, but I can't recommend anyone to buy this game full price. Wait for it to appear in the budget bin.

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