Dungeon Editor out now with Steam Workshop and a 50% sale!

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After being in beta for a while, the Dungeon Editor for Legend of Grimrock is now out. You can now create your own dungeons, with your own labyrinths, puzzles, enemies and assets.

Check out the trailer:


You can also find all the mods on the game's Steam Workshop page or Grimrock Nexus if you don't have it on Steam.

Also, the developers are selling for 50% off ($7.49) through Humble Store, that gives you a DRM-free installer and Steam code!


So if you been thinking about buying the game, now is the time.

If you see any cool levels, share the link. Someone is apparently trying to recreate Dungeon Master. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=95747520

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That's one slick-looking editor.

Who else was actually terrified by the cow?

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@Ravenlight: that cow freaked me out

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