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The Charming Mana Series in Another Generation 0

Legend of Mana is the fourth title in the Mana series, but only the third one released outside of Japan, while being the first on the fifth generation of consoles. The Mana series is known as Seiken Densetsu in Japan, the first one was released worldwide as Final Fantasy Adventure, for the Game Boy. The second game was released as The Secret of Mana, which became a classic for the SNES. The third one never came out outside of Japan, which is Seiken Densetsu 3, and what might be the best game in...

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Legend of Mana Video Review 0

    The Legend of Mana is a game that divides fans of Square's Mana / Legend of the Holy Sword series. In this review I try to present both sides....

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The Best Experience on the Playstation 0

Straight up front, LoM is not a typical RPG. It's also not much at all like other games in the World of Mana series. To me, It's an experience of a dream. The world building, the music, the painted backgrounds and the story make me feel like this game is a beautiful interactive dream, full of disjointed plotlines and odd characters who seem only to react to the player, not each other. Also to love is the shear depth of gameplay for a Playstation game, There are 11 weapon types that each have...

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