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Set in China, a country of ancient mysteries and modern wonders, Legend of the Dragon stems from the ageless story of the Golden Dragon maintaining the universal balance of harmony known commonly as Yin and Yang. Upon his death, a new guardian must be chosen. However, there are some complications. The elected guardian must be chosen from a brother and sister, twins born conveniently in the Year of the Dragon. Only one can be the guardian, forcing one sister on a journey of jealousy to destroy the 12 lost temples of the Chinese Zodiac and then defeat her brother for the limelight. 

Game Modes

Single Player: Select a fighter, normal or customized, and fight an AI opponent in various game modes. Or select the brother/sister hero and immerse yourself in their quest to become the new Golden Dragon.
Versus Mode: Select one or several opponents, and challenge your friends.
Practice: Standard practice mode, with useful lessons from Master Chin.
Options: Adjust various game settings like difficulty and round count, as well as more.
Legend of the Dragon's most unique mode is Quest. Here, a player selects either Ang or Ling, and then moves them across a map to different temples to fight other guardians, learn new moves, and unlock hidden content. Some rounds require beating the opponent with a specific technique, such as finishing with an energy blast. Players will also be rewarded with aptitude gems, which can be used to improve fighting statistics, such as punching, kicking, resistance, life points, and Ki points.


  • Ang (Golden Dragon)
  • Ling (Shadow Dragon)
  • Beingal (Tiger Guardian)
  • Woo Yin (Zodiac Master)
  • Xuan Chi (Monkey Guardian)
  • Cobra (Snake Guardian)
  • Chow (Dog Guardian)
  • Ming (Rat Guardian)
  • Lo Wang (Rooster Guardian)
  • Shoong (Pig Guardian)
  • Billy (Ram Guardian)
  • Robbie (Ox Guardian)
  • Bastet (Bastet Lioness)
  • Jaguar God (Were-Jaguar)
  • Chang Wo (Shadow Ape Dragon)
  • K Ho (Shadow Wolf Guardian)
  • Victor (Shadow Ox Guardian)
  • Yin Wi (Shadow Rat Guardian)

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