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Legend is a SNES game developed by Arcade Zone. The game is a side-scrolling brawler in the same vein as Golden Axe and the Final Fight game series. It was published in the US by Seika Corporation and in Europe by Sony Imagesoft.

Piko Interactive acquired the rights to publish Legend on the PC. The game was released on Steam on November 10th, 2015.


Legend is played through the eyes of a character seeking to depose the leader of the nation of Sellech. The country is lead by Clovious, who is an incompetent and corrupt leader. In order to do this the player character must harness the power of Beldor's spirit. Beldor was a previous leader of Sellech, and ruled as a despot.

In order to complete this quest to rid Sellech of Clovius the player is expected to fight against waves of hostiles. The protagonist is able to perform many different kicks and slashes in order to dispose of foes, but also has access to magic and special, ranged, attacks. When an enemy is defeated, they will drop different items. These items can include food (for replenishing health), and 'magic bags', which replenish magic and allow devastating, screen-clearing spells. In the spirit of all good brawlers, a stronger boss lurks in wait at the end of each stage.

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