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    Not to be mistaken for the Super Nintendo game of the same name. Legend is a isometric action RPG for Amiga, Atari ST and PC.

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    Legend is an isometric adventure RPG, not unlike a precursor to Diablo, in which the player takes control of a party of four characters on a quest to save the land of Trazere from a "darkness".

    The four adventurers under player control each have a preset class, although their names, gender, and elemental abilities can be customised. The characters are as follows:

    Barbarian: Physically the strongest of the characters, and the party leader.
    Troubadour: Statistically an average character. If the Troubadour has an instrument equipped they can perform a song that buffs the party.
    Assassin: High dexterity stealth character that can sneak around enemies without being detected.
    Runemaster: The physically weak, magic character. Legend features a relatively advanced spellcasting system where the player is able to create their own spells using ingredients found or bought in the game word combined with discovered runes.


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