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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    When Pandora's Box is accidentally opened, first person shooting commences in an array of cities, sewers and subways as you fend off destructive mythical creatures.

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    Gamecock Was Terrible 0

     In an attempt to make up for the truly horrible Turning Point, The Spark, along with their publisher Gamecock (hoping to make up for the much-maligned Hail to the Chimp) released Legendary, a FPS where you play the role of an art thief who unleashes mythological creatures by accidentally opening Pandora's Box. Not a bad premise.Sadly, the game is crap. Pure crap. Unadultered crap. I've seen less crap in a Mexican restaurant after a salmonella outbreak. At this point, the world would be ...

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    One of the most games I have ever played. 0

    Here's the deal with Legendary: I got this game for free many moons and months ago and then simply forgot I had this game. This game was so rote and so boring, that I quite literally forgot that I owned this jumble of code. Legendary is not particularly bad – it's just insanely boring. It's hard to recall anything that happens in this game, because it's so unforgettable. Really, if there is one thing I will remember, it's that Legendary is arguably the most boring game I have ever played.So, you...

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    Looks can be decieving. 0

    Imagine. You taking an axe to the face of a griffon. Awesome right? Well thats what you do in Legendary as art theif Charles Deckard, who idiotically and cliche..idly(?) opens Pandoras Box, unleashing a hellstorm of mythological creatures...including one made out of everything in New York. Oh did I mention that he has the original power to blast energy out of his arm? And has healing powers?  It seems great in premise right? Well the execution left me baffled on how good an idea could be turned ...

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    Legendary Review 0

    Legendary is a First Person Shoot in which you will be playing the role of Charles Deckard, international thief and gun for hire. You're assignment is to break into a museum and unlock Pandora's box. Sadly that all happens before you take control of the game, the game is the aftermath of what happened after the box was open. You'll have to fight through mythical monsters to get to the man that set you up for defeat. The sounds and music have their moments. The music for one, on some stages, rock...

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    Not so Legendary 2

    Spark Unlimited's UE3 powered Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, brought a compelling “what-if” scenario to the FPS world by making the Nazis masters of Europe enabling them to eventually launch their long-awaited strike against the United States in 1953. The high profile concept, as compelling as it was for a WW2 nut like myself, fell disappointingly short of its lofty goals with a plot that failed to capitalize on this promise, no thanks to the flawed, bare basics shooter fare backing it. Spark's...

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    Okay Game 0

     Personally I thought the game was ok. It wasn't great and I believe that it needed more monsters and characters. I was however annoyed that guns seems to be used for for everything from killing to making a path. I do however love the creature designs as well as Charles Deckard and Vivian Kane. Aside from those things I did enjoy the game for the most part....

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    Ugly graphics, dull gameplay, short and boring story make this ga 0

    First off, the technical problems in this game make it unplayable at some points. For instance, when you take the elevator to get to the last checkpoint, you fall through the magically enchanted floor into the gray and pixelated abyss. Another one is when you have to make your way through the weightless and square New York taxies carried by Griffins, they will suddenly and for no reason jump up into the air and land on you. The funny part is your o.k. and the car has no scratches on it.The Good ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

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