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    Legends of Exidia

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 01, 2010

    An action RPG by Gameloft originally called Might and Magic II when the game first released on mobile platforms. The game has since been re-released on both DSiWare and iPhone under the name "Legends of Exidia."

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    Originally released as Might and Magic II, Legends of Exidia is an action RPG developed and published by Gameloft. The game used to cost 800 Nintendo DSi Points.


    An army of demons, the Morgost, invaded the land of Exidia. They have defeated Princess Sofia and captured the Orb of Spell, intending to resurrect the Daraka. As a fearless warrior, the player will have to fight evil creatures and with every quest get closer to discovering the source of the plague.


    Legends of Exidia is a top-down action RPG. The player is able to choose from 26 main characters and play through 30 side quests and explore 22 environments, from the Elf forest to the city of Minasdril, the temple of Santinor, and more.

    In this epic adventure, players will use ancient swords, perform spells, and make their attacks more powerful as they level up. The is also tons of items, weapons and armors to find: the hero's equipment will change his appearance and abilities.


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