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    Legends of Zork

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 01, 2009

    Legends of Zork was a browser-based casual RPG published by Ireland-based Jolt Online Gaming.

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    Legends of Zork was announced in January of 2009, originally as an browser based MMORPG, but later described as an "casual adventure game". It was officially launched 3 months later to mixed reviews - while the tone and humor was praised for being very close to the classic Infocom games, the gameplay was criticized as extremely simplistic and microtransaction heavy. As you joined the game you created a character (a salesman for the FrobozzCo Corporation) with some basic gear and traits and was then released into one of the major cities in the Great Underground Empire. In the city you could buy new gear or skills and participate in PvP combat, and outside the cities were leveled zones you could "explore" for XP and loot. Your character had three stats, Hitpoints, Attack and Defense, your hitpoints could only be increased one at a time as a perk choice when you leveled up (you started with 1 HP), or with microtransactions, while Attack and Defense were increased by equipping weapons and armor. Exploration meant spending one energy point by hitting the "Continue exploring" button, which loaded an event page, where you either discovered an item, person or quest objective, or fought a monster. Combat was entirely automated - your skillpoints and gear changed your "Attack" and "Defense" numerical attributes. These where then compared with the enemies attack and defense, and if your level was lower than the monster's, the game would throw a dice for your attack, if the random number was within your combined attack/defense rating, you would score a hit, if it was above you'd lose a hitpoint. If you lost all your hitpoints, all loot you had gained since just last visit to the city would be lost, as would an additional energy point, and you would return to the nearest city. Free players could store a maximum of 60 energy points, which would replenish at a rate of 1 per hour. Using microtransactions you could buy Coconuts, which could be used to boost your energy points beyond the cap (at which point you would no longer gain one per hour).

    On May 24th, 2011 Jolt Online Gaming announced the game was to be shut down May 31st, and the game along with it's associated site and forums were closed at around 4 AM PST on the 31st.


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