Anyone else getting "This disk is unreadable" error?

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#1 Posted by Tysonxy (3 posts) -

Played this for a day then I got a system update for my 360. Since then I get a disk error whenever I try to play. However if I sign out of LIVE it works. I've noticed a few other people have been having this problem too, but I, wondering how wide spread this is. I figure if it needs an update, the more people this is effecting the quicker it will get patched. I've tried all the usual fixes(unplug the system, clear the cache, ect)

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#2 Posted by west1582 (2 posts) -

Yeah I'm getting it too, but I'm getting mine right after the fighting rhino, the next mission going into oscorp throught the induction vent on the roof as soon as I enter it my disk stops reading and I get the error everytime now. It looks like its gonna have to be burned as a full game. My copy is truncated is yours or did you use the ihas to burn it full

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#3 Posted by Etnos (260 posts) -

I'm having the same problem, 360 version. I'm returning it tomorrow.

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#4 Posted by undjohnn2012 (2 posts) -

My too, but i play until i go to the final stage and i can't do anything!!!

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#5 Posted by ahab88 (264 posts) -

No, but my son and I experienced a hard freeze.

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