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A Superhero can't always be perfect.

No one ever said super heroes have it easy. They are constantly under pressure and always being left with no room for error. The first Lego Batman game definitely had its pros and cons but it was a good game in the end. The second game in the series however falls flat when it comes to beating out it's precedent.


Batman and his sidekick Robin are at it again, saving Gotham city from more crime. This time, the Joker teams up with Lex Luthor after causing havoc at an awards ceremony that Bruce Wayne attends. It seems that Batman and Robin have it under control but Superman comes to save their ass every once in a while. One of the best parts about the game is the ongoing relationship between Batman and Superman. Superman is just a gleaming ball of egoism while Batman tries to contain his jealousy towards him. Later in the game you team up with some members of the Justice League to help contain the criminal threat of the Joker and Lex Luthor. The story works well with this game and the slapstick humour also works very well, just like every other Lego game!

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The game looks pretty good on the Wii. You can see the slight visual upgrades between this game and the original. All of the new characters have nice, slick looking motions while the environment around these characters look better than ever. The new open-world Gotham also looks pretty nice too. There is not that much variety to some of the buildings but the major buildings do look very nice when you are flying around the city. The cut scenes are also pretty nice and the animation work that went in to them is top-notch! Obviously the game does not look as good as the 360 and PS3 versions but the game still looks good enough!


One of the major features about this game is the new addition of voice acting. All of the cut scenes are now fully voiced and they sound pretty good! I had some complaints about the Joker's voice since it just didn't sound like him but all of the others sound pretty good and true to their characters. The music is also very familiar to fans of the Batman series. Overall, you will still hear the familiar noise of collecting Lego studs...a lot....

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Game play

This, in my opinion, is where the game fall flat a little bit. If you have ever played a Lego game, you should be instantly familiar with the controls since they have not really changed that much from the original. The one major game play addition would have to be flying since there are now flying characters available for play. The flying in this game though does not work that well in my opinion. Navigating Gotham is a pain in the ass if you are a flying character because getting used to the flying controls really got confusing! Flying works a little better in the actual levels but I still preferred to use the other characters. The game still follows the same format as the other games before it. You run through levels collecting all of the studs scattered throughout while collecting the numerous collectibles like mini-kits and red bricks. You can then use your collected studs to buy characters and power ups which you can then use in the game's free play mode. Luckily you can now use all of the characters that you have unlocked instead of the pre-set characters that you brought into a level.


One thing that people should not worry about is the content packed into this game! There is still a lot of stuff to do in this game. There are a bunch of levels to go through during Story Mode and then their is the famed Free Play mode that you can go through. There are a bunch of collectibles to collect too like new characters, mini-kits, power ups, and red bricks. Plus there are different missions that you can participate in throughout Gotham. Some of them are spontaneous while others are pre-set (like fighting bosses). All of these features will definitely keep the player enticed!

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